Weapons of the New Confederacy: SMG

NC SMG: Model 7


Decades of experience have allowed NC weaponsmiths to produce a weapon that is cheap and simple to manufacture. The receiver, barrel and magazine are made from steel tubing. There is little machining and there is no need for expensive stamping machinery. This is a common weapon among the New Confederacy’s Non-Commisioned Officers and the Krypteia.
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Weapons of the New Confederacy: 37mm Light Artillery

NC 37mm Gun


This weapon (based on a 1916 design) is a light artillery piece – intended primarily for infantry support and for defending the wealthier NC homesteads. It is meant to be used against enemy infantry, fortifications and light armored vehicles.
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Twin Port University – Flying Machine

The TPU Flying Platform


Like many societies, Twin Port University has its status or prestige to consider (and promote). In the post-collapse world of the 22nd Century, there are few capabilities more impressive than flight.

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Twin Port University: AFV (The Ontos)

For a real-world history of the Ontos see here



‘Good fences make good neighbors’ . And if your neighbor is Maxwell’s Militia then your best fence is a tank destroyer. Twin Port University operates a small force of Ontos Tank Destroyers (each equipped with 6 Recoilless Rifles).

see this link for real-world details on the vehicles
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Twin Port University: Assault Rifle


Background: The University was initially equipped with a variety of civilian, military and paramilitary weapons. These weapons gradually wore out and the University was forced to decide on a standard paramilitary weapon. The SKS Simonov was eventually chosen – largely for its reliability and ease of manufacture.

The University’s Engineering department recommended only 2 changes: a stamped (rather than milled) receiver and alteration to a bullpup configuration. There is an urban legend that this was because the Engineering Department was unable to resist the temptation to ‘tinker’ with the design.  However, it is more likely that someone had encountered the Chinese Type 63 or Type 68 Assualt Rifles
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This is the spotter rifle for the Twin Port University recoilless rifle. It is a semi-automatic weapon with a 20-round detachable magazine. Note that this rifle fires a round that is slightly smaller than the one used by the Browning HMG. The bullet is shorter, lighter and has a lower muzzle velocity
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Twin Port University: M40A1 105mm Recoilless Rifle


Background: Twin Port University needed a weapon that would help preserve its independence from the feudalists of Maxwell’s Militia.

They needed a heavy weapon – something easy to manufacture that might work against the M60 tanks of the Militia. Such a weapon is the M40 Recoilless Rifle.
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