Combat Roles & Weapon Loads within the MP Team

This is a companion piece to  “TMP for Newbies” A little guide on why some Basic Loads are more appropriate than others

The Morrow Project planners anticipated that every Morrow Project team might have to engage in quasi-military operations and – in recognition of this possibility – equipped them accordingly with both weaponry and (some) doctrine/training.

MP Combat Training and Doctrine drew upon the experience of paramilitary SWAT teams (sometimes called “Special Response Teams”) because MP Planners considered that such units provided the best doctrinal  framework for the sort of missions that were likely to be assigned to non-MARS units

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Morrow Gift Packages – Package #1: Local Security

The Morrow project has lots of equipment for its personnel but it doesn’t seem to have much for the communities that might be encountered.  This series of articles will describe describe a series of options for “Gift Packages” that might be given to local dignitaries or groups

Package 1:  “Police Duty Gear” .  This is in a nylon bag, and weighs approximately 10kg

Each Bag contains

Flashlight (Mini-Maglite, with 3 batteries, lanyard & spare bulb)
AN/PRC-68 (Morrow Project standard issue)
Multitool (Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool)
Baton/Tonfa (60cm length)
Canteen (stainless steel)
Gloves, leather
Gloves, latex (5 pairs)
Filofax (desk size) – with copy of US Constitution, Field Guides and legal forms
Notepad (pocket sized, 5 units)
Ballpoint Pens and mechanical pencils (6 of each)
Handcuffs, pair (metal)
Hand Sanitizer (1 small bottle)
Package of Toilet Paper
Baseball Cap, blue (marked “Police”)
Vest, reflective

22nd century "All-Terrain Delivery Vehicle"

On Death Day, there were very few people who knew how to build vehicles that were designed to be  drawn by animals. However, by the 22nd century, the Cartwright’s art has been redefined.

The picture above shows a flexible delivery vehicle.  it is drawn by 1 horse/pony (or 1 mutant ‘Grunt’, or 2 men, or 3 dogs).  When fully loaded it  can carry a payload of up to 350kg.

This is an unofficial military variant (used by most KFS units) but similar vehicles can be found throughout North America and might be used by anyone.

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