22nd Century Weapons Carrier

This type of vehicle is representative of the “heavy weapon”  that is sometimes held by a community (or a wealthy Farmer).   It is obviously derived from a pre-collapse tractor, and has moderate cross-country capability.  Its main purpose is to transport a Heavy Machine Gun and provide the firepower necessary to fend off raiders.

New Confederacy Mobile Infantry Company TO&E

The New Confederacy does not have a standing army and the military unit most likely to be encountered “in the field” is the “Mobile” Infantry Company: a unit of infantry that relies primarily on horse-drawn vehicles.  Such units are usually raised and paid for by a Colonel (a courtesy rank associated with wealthy landowners)

Standard weapons are
NC 81 semi-auto rifle
NC Shotgun
9mm pistol Model 40
9mm SMG Model 7

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The Handover (a campaign/scenario idea)

Background: In most (perhaps all) of the official modules, the players have no real knowledge of the area that they operate in.  There are no mechanisms for introducing them to the people and circumstance that they have to deal with.  So I thought it might be interesting to come up with a scenario where the Player’s Team is the SECOND Morrow Project unit to operate in the area…

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