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Weapons of the New Confederacy: 37mm Light Artillery

NC 37mm Gun


This weapon (based on a 1916 design) is a light artillery piece – intended primarily for infantry support and for defending the wealthier NC homesteads. It is meant to be used against enemy infantry, fortifications and light armored vehicles.
The gun uses a vertically sliding breechblock, that is opened and closed by a lever on the right side of the gun. The gun is fired by pulling sharply on a cord hanging from its rear; this drives a lever into the firing pin, which impacts on the purcussion cap in the rear of the shell. Theoretically the gun can fire a variety of ammunition, but most NC units are usually only supplied with 2: the “canister round” and the “Type L”

The canister round is a sheet metal cylinder (14cm long) crimped into a standard shell case.  Inside this cylinder are  120 steel balls – each about 1cm in diameter.  Approximately 30 metres after leaving the muzzle, the cylinder disintegrates and the steel shot rakes an area 20 metres  wide and up to 150 metres long

The Type L is a high explosive/dual purpose shell, which contains 41 grams of shaped charge lyddite explosive (picric acid plus guncotton). Note: the concept of a ‘shaped charge’ was not in the original 1916 design. It has been introduced by the New Confederacy

Each gun is operated by a squad consisting of ten men: a squad leader, four gunners (two of whom stand in reserve a little distance from the gun), three men to carry ammunition and two men who handle the pack horses used with the gun.

Wheels are attached for normal transport, but the gun is designed to be carried into action by the 4-man crew, the rear legs of the gun acting as carrying poles, with a pair of removeable poles at the front allowing four people to lift the weapon. The rear legs of the weapon are fitted with spades to firmly fix the gun in position.



  • Crew: 4
  • Caliber: 37 mm
  • Combat weight: 93 kg
  • Effective Range: 1000m
  • Max Range: 5000 m
  • Type of Fire: Single Shot
  • Rate of Fire: 15 rpm
  • Barrel length: 1.34 m
  • Length (rails folded): 2.25m
  • Overall width (firing position): 1.25m
  • Traverse: 584 mils (32.9°)
  • Elevation: 248 mils (13.95°) to -85 mils (-4.8°).
  • Muzzle velocity: 450 m/s

Ammunition Game statistics

Name: HEDP Type L (NC standard)
Wt: 0.505kg
Eff. Rng: 1000m
Max Rng: 5000m
Burst Radius: 3m
Dpw: 64
Anti Armor Class: E

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