Suri “Quick” Temprana and her mail-carrier


Suri was always an ambitious woman.  She chose her career because it gives her status,  daily challenges – and the chance to prove that women can do the job.

She is also very fond of speeding around on her (homemade) buggy.

What everybody knows:
Suri has a minor mutation: “extra” teeth in her upper jaw.   This has given her a lisp and makes her slightly self-conscious about smiling and laughing.
At some point, she had dental surgery to remove several teeth (she still has an extra set of canines).
She’s very professional and will deliver mail to anyone, anywhere.
She is very supportive of EmDees, midwives and other medical types.

What some people know:
The nickname “Quick” is only partially due to the speed of her buggy.  Suri chose it because it’s easier for her to say clearly.  It is her radio callsign.

What very few people know:
She cannot have children

What nobody knows:
The dental surgery  was performed by a group associated with the Breeders.   In partial payment, she agreed to have a Tubal Ligation operation.

PD Roleplaying notes:
1. Remember the lisp.
2. She’s a feminist

Task Group Michigan – Campaign Notes #5: The Nuns of Lunar Convent

The Lunar Convent is one of the major powers in Traverse City.

The nuns have a strong economic powerbase (the Convent owns extensive amounts of property).  They also have extensive political influence because they run schools and provide spiritual/financial/medical help to the poor and the outcast.

First Impressions

The Convent is based in an old water-park resort at the edge of Traverse City and is surrounded by well-kept fields and gardens. In summer, a few crop-marks indicate the possible presence of pre-collapse buildings, but the convent structures are all in good repair and there is a general air of peace and tranquility

What everyone knows

The Nuns regard themselves as Roman Catholic and try to follow the teachings of the Church as best they can. However, their rules of celibacy are a little “different”. Nuns wishing to become mothers can be (temporarily) released from their vows and can rejoin the convent once their youngest child reaches the age of 13.

The convent is a sanctuary for abused women (ranging from “battered wives” to prostitutes and escaped slaves).

There are numerous jokes about visitors who mistake the convent for a brothel.

what some people know

They have 3 patron saints

Saint Cyprian
Our Lady of the Lakes
Our Lady of the Night

Sailors (including some Lakers/Shipmen) and fishermen make offerings to Our Lady of the Lakes.

Our Lady of the Night is the protector of those who are in danger during darkness.  Candles are lit in her name

What very few people know

The Lunar Convent is a sanctuary for Witches/Warlocks.

Saint Cyprian of Antioch is the patron saint of occultists

What Nobody knows

A few of the Nuns are psionic.

They deliberately select candidates who have psionic ability and encourage these women to have children.

Our Lady of the Night is Santa Muerte, or Saint Death. Yes, the good sisters of Lunar Convent are Inquisitors, but they do not torture. Their “official” theology is that – just as women can’t be catholic priests – they can’t be Inquisitor torturers

The main Inquisitor church has a grudging respect for the Lunar Convent but is unsure of how to deal with these nuns. There will undoubtedly be a problem in the future but – for the moment – the Church hierarchy is unwilling to confront the situation.  They want to avoid any risk of schism within the Church.

NPC Rolodex #9: Mister Peter Franklin, Travelling Monk

Into the Woods: Dennis Henschell collected bottles and cans until Whole Foods shut its recycling center. Now, to draw inspiration for music, he says, “I ask the universe, ‘Give me some songs.’”
Mister Franklin with one of his flutes

Some people call him a saint, but Peter Franklin doesn’t see it that way.

What everyone knows

1. Mister Franklin is from “The Library” – a place where people collect knowledge of the World and the Old Times.
2. He is a skilled teacher and has taught many people to read (both text and music)
3.  He makes flutes and other musical instruments
4. He is highly respected in the local communities and has often helped them to settle disputes without bloodshed.

What nobody knows

1.  Mister Franklin was once a high-ranking member of the Breeders (aka The American Renaissance Movement or ARM).
2.  He is attempting to atone for his actions – and the numerous deaths he was responsible for


The Breeders attempt to prevent the spread of mutations and have tried several ways to improve their efficiency.  One of their experiments was inspired by the 20th century Concentration Camps.  It was not an unqualified success.   It killed many mutants, but the Breeders were intrigued to discover that their personnel were often troubled by what they classified as the simplest forms of mental illness: empathy and guilt.   The Camp was closed and attempts were made to rehabilitate the staff.  Approximately 25% were classified as incurable – and designated as “IOD” (Involuntary Organ Donor).

Franklin was one of the Camp Guards – and one of the incurables.  He escaped and eventually encountered “The Library”.   For the last 30 years, Franklin has been trying to atone for what he did.

NPC Rolodex #8: Sir Kay, Grail Knight


Using the Napoleon’s Own encounter group can be tricky – but they can (and should) be more than “comic relief”.

Sir Kay is an example.  She believes herself to be the reincarnation of one of the Knights of the Round Table.  She is not unique: there is a group of Grail Knights (all searching for Arthur and the Holy Grail).  However, when the PC’s meet her, she is on a separate quest: looking for the Morrow Project.

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“Priority 2: Reunite with the bulk of the Morrow Project forces”

Finding and cooperating with other Morrow Project units is the second General Order of the Project.   In Project Lucifer, for instance, there is a Science Team trying to link up with the PC team.   IMHO, This sort of attempt could be an interesting addition to a campaign (and a way to add new players or replace dead characters).   The following is a list of suggested NPC teams.  I’ll try and expand the details in later posts

Group:  Teaching Hospital
Description:  The 43 descendants of a Medical Team that “woke up” 70 years ago.  Their original supplies have run out over the decades, but they still have many pieces of equipment.  They are good chemists and can produce several antibiotics  and anesthetics at a roughly 1950’s level of technology.  They operate a (very small) hospital and train a few Emdees.
Assets: EXCELLENT relations with locals, very good medical facilities
Problems: the teaching hospital is not mobile and cannot link up with the PC team
minimal, a few sidearms and some shotguns
Vehicles: a couple of “motorbike ambulances”
Found by: A Mailman or Emdee will mention that they recognise the TMP logo worn by the PCs – and reminisce about the “Professors”

Group: Engineering Assessment Team.
Description: This team has only been active for a few days and is relieved to find the PC team.   They are a lightly-armed 10-person team with expertise in assessing (and repairing) damaged infrastructure such as roads and bridges.  This team has 3 sections: communications, security and assessment.
Assets: Powerful radios, surveying gear and – above all – the skills of the engineers/constructors.  One of the team is also a paramedic.
Firepower: moderate – but plenty of explosives.  Most personnel have carbines and the security personnel have grenade launchers.  All vehicles have the standard vehicle supplies
Vehicles:  3 HMMMWV pickup trucks, 2 trailers with welding gear, power tools and demolition supplies.  A possible addition is the semi-portable fusion forge specified in the The Starnaman Incident
Problems:  The Team Leader isn’t sure that she should be taking orders from the PCs – but is smart enough to understand that they know more than she does about the post-collapse world.  Eventually there may be conflicts about who should be in charge
Found by: Radio communications.  The two teams can communicate and arrange when and where  to meet up.

Group: Frozen Watch
Description: This “team” consists of 2 survivors from a Frozen Watch bolthole: both are Economics/Commerce Specialists who were expecting to assist a combined Recon/MARS team.  They were awakened 2 years ago when their cryotubes malfunctioned.  Since then, they’ve been looking for other Project personnel – and fighting a Slaver gang.
Assets: A very good reputation with those people who they’ve rescued from Slavers
Firepower: Sidearms and one HK-69 grenade launcher.  Ammunition is very limited
Vehicles: one ATV.  The weapons normally carried have been traded or given away.
Problems: The Slavers are tracking them –  and the constant strain has begun to cause psychological problems.
Found by:  Intervening in a firefight

Group: Specialty Team (Agribusiness)
Description: a 6-person team of experts that can raise a farming industry above subsistence-level.  For farmers, these people are a metaphorical gold mine.  They can advise and educate anyone in such areas as: sustainable agriculture, fertiliser production, beekeeping, fish farming, irrigation and water management.  One of the group is a veterinarian, and other specialties include geology and weather-forecasting.
Firepower: Carbines and pistols.  (this group was paired with a MARS team – but that unit has either not “woken up” or has been lost.)
Vehicles: two “Deuce and a Half” trucks.   each has a trailer with lab kits, computers, educational material and printers.
Problems: This team has very little combat capability or training because they were among the last teams to be frozen (in 2017 if you use 4th edition) and did not complete the “combat skills” training.  The only veteran is the meteorologist (a former field artillery surveyor/meteorological crewmember)
Found by: radio communication

NPC Rolodex #7: Major Jason Carswell, Squadron Commander, KFS Air Force

Major Carswell Major Carswell is commander of RiverHawk Squadron and might be encountered anywhere within 100 kilometres of the KFS border.  He was forced into a crash-landing after his P-47 experienced engine failure – and now he’s “walking home”.   On his return, he intends to discipline his mechanics and recommend the SERE trainers for commendation.

Personality: Carswell is arrogant and tends to be over-confident.  However, he’s not stupid and has good self-discipline.  (Unlike many in the KFS Air Force, his rank was achieved on merit; it wasn’t just his family connections). Equipment: Flightsuit, 9mm pistol (only 6 rounds left) KFS “gunfighter” belt (contains maps, compass, etcetera)

Notes: Carswell’s only weapons are a pistol and a survival knife.  He won’t resist if faced by superior firepower (and would really appreciate a  good meal).

Uses in the game:  

Ransom: the KFS Air Force issues “blood chits” for its pilots and promises 10,000 credit reward for their return Prisoner Exchange: “Bullets & Blugrass” could run very differently if there’s a negotiation involved Information: If treated well, Carswell will be happy to chat about the KFS Air Force (he WANTS to impress)

NPC Rolodex #6: “Joker” the Scout


Dodge “Joker” Harding – Trucker Scout
Truckers have to be cautious when moving along the old Interstates.  Some routes are structurally unsafe and some have a “bandit problem”.  Also – on a commercial level – it’s good to know if there’s a market for goods and services.  This is where people like “Joker” are useful.  Joker will explore an area and report back to the convoy.

Joker is a friendly young man and has a certain charisma.  People tend to like him and trust him (especially if they’ve dealt with his family)

Scout Equipment:

Scouts  tend to travel light and don’t carry much equipment: an inspection light, a few “trade items” and a handgun.  They will either walk or use a modified motorbike

Brother Casimir and the Illinois Railway Museum: a diplomatic problem


Brother Casimir is a young and enthusiastic Inquisitor (perhaps over-enthusiastic).  He’s not a particularly cruel man and takes no real pleasure in torture – but he is proud of his ability to “break and remake” sinners.  He is ambitious and ruthless.

Casimir’s enthusiasm has been rewarded by his superiors.  He has been placed in charge of an Inquisitor project to salvage a pre-collapse rail museum: the Illinois railway Museum (IRM).   This is something of a mixed blessing. Casimir has a great opportunity but he has some major problems.

The various exhibits of the IRM are in poor condition, but enough remains to provide an immensely useful resource for (re)building a rail network.   Therefore, several groups have an interest in the site; Twin Port University,   Maxwell’s Militia,the NAU, and the Frozen Chosen would all like to own it – but don’t want to fight each other.    Fortunately, a diplomatic solution has been found: the Inquisitors are clearing the site and (for a reasonable fee) allow “scholars” to study the technology and sometimes buy examples of specific machines.

Obviously, the IRM is a major asset for the Inquisitors and they take great care to keep it safe.   They  have become quite skilled at dealing with Razers and in “converting” them to their faith.

The Museum is now a church of the Inquisitors and home to a group of 40 fanatical worshippers.   They are equipped with the best weaponry that the Church can provide (shotguns, bolt-action rifles, and a small supply of antique Thompson Machine Guns).

NPC Rolodex #5: The Countess of the Night


In politics – and business – it’s useful to have a reputation that everyone knows.   And EVERYONE knows of The Countess.
Ask any Salvager  and they’ll tell you that she’s a powerful, immortal vampire who controls the ruins of the City.  Legends tell of her arrival, over 100 years ago.

The reality is not occult; but perhaps more impressive.  The Countess is one of the Children of the Night but she has no claim to aristocracy.  In fact, she is elected by a democracy and her job is to be the Childrens’ diplomat and “face”

There are about 500 of the  Children.   Their ancestors first began living in the ruins about a century ago and they have always welcomed their fellow mutants .  They have come to terms with the fact that the “normals” could kill them all – unless scared away.  Therefore, the Children have set up a facade that would have delighted fans of the old Hammer Horror movies. They only meet with traders/salvagers at night and in buildings that are ‘tuned’ – with creaky doors, spider webs and a gothic decor.   They elect a new “Countess” every 6 years and ensure that each woman is adept at maintaining the Vampire image.

The current Countess is Isabelle Lopez, an intelligent young woman who wants to do the best for her community.   She regrets that this sometimes means the death of intruders, but she accepts that the facade must be maintained.  She would be intrigued by any contact with the Morrow Project – but would worry about their lack of superstition.

Encountering the Countess

The Countess (and the Children) can be used in a number of scenarios

1.  Please kill the monsters!  The team is asked to deal with the Vampire problem
2. Find the X.   The team needs to get into the City and retrieve X (one of their caches, a library, a dud warhead, etcetera)
3.  Save Y.  The Children have abducted Y.  The team is asked to retrieve him/her

NPC Rolodex #4: Hunter

Lieutenant James Patton Kraft of Maxwell’s Millita

James “call me Jim” Kraft is the oldest son of a Maxwell’s Militia  Gun Captain – and will one day inherit the responsibility of running the local community and operating his family’s artillery.   In the meantime, he spends most of his days hunting.   This isn’t laziness.  Hunting has given him some useful skills and taught him a great deal about the area, its people and terrain.  He’s also earned goodwill by donating meat to poor families and leading hunts against dangerous predators.

“Jim” appears most comfortable when talking about his hunts, his guns, his dogs and his hawks.  He’ll talk knowledgeably about the best prey and courteously accept the opinion of other hunters (he prefers jackrabbits, because they’re surprisingly agile and can be hunted  at all times)

Kraft appears to be a simple (but generous) wealthy man  who enjoys nothing more than a day in the field and an evening with his drinking buddies.  Apart from hunting, his only extravagance is a collection of pre-collapse sunglasses.  The local community is fond of him – but hopes he has some good advisors when he inherits. However, readers of Machievelli (or Shakespeare) will be unsurprised to learn that this public image is a carefully constructed mask.  In reality, “Jim” is inventive, charismatic, willful, and energetic; he has received excellent training in military and political skills.

Jim will be fascinated to meet the Morrow Project and will be happy to assist them.  BUT, any attempts to introduce a democratic structure for his community will be gently and subtly subverted.  He has no objections to being elected “mayor” but he is not going to give up the power that he’s been promised since birth