Kentucky Free State Politics: #1 the Spartans' Creed

The KFS module, ‘Bullets & Bluegrass” mentions a number of political movements.  This series will cover some aspects of these groups.  Here is the creed of the Spartans, the crypto-fascists of the KFS


  • We, the Spartans, are required to be thinkers, not only so that we will have the necessary skills and abilities to make good military decisions, but also so that we can bring clarity to the nation’s current and future problems.
  • We require officers and soldiers to share a solid military bond .
  • We require Spartans to behave as doubly excellent citizens who are capable of setting an example for civilians – while being aware of their duty to their service.
  • We demand that Spartans be imbued with the character of leaders who can conduct the Armed Forces in battle, lead them in peace and extend their capabilities at all times.
  • The Spartans must incarnate the traditional US military ethics such as discipline, determination, and the values that make them our nation’s greatest resource at the times of greatest difficulty.

NPC Rolodex:#2 Bandit/Overlord

The Mayor of Tomah: Antonia Wayka


Name:  Antonia Wayka
Rank: Bandit Leader
Height: 5’1″
Appearance: An Amerindian woman in her late 20’s, a short and very tough individual

[note: details given are for background to ‘Project Lucifer’ and  specifc to Wisconsin.  Modification will be necessary for your campaign.]

Background: When she was 11 years old, Antonia Wayka was enslaved by the ‘Tunnel Rats’ – a bandit gang based out of the ruins of Tunnel City, Wisconsin.   The gang’s leader wanted to rape her. However, she was protected by the deputy leader (who was himself an Amerind).  During the dispute, the the gang leader was killed and the deputy took control.

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NPC Rolodex: #1 KFS Gentleman Ranker

This series is for the benefit of Project Directors.

We’ve all been there; the players suddenly insist on talkng to one of your NPCs – and you hadn’t prepared anything about this individual.  Well…  hopefully this will help.  It’s a  ‘rolodex’ of NPC  archetypes that can be deployed when necessary.

ARCHETYPE: Kentucky Free State ‘Gentleman Ranker’


“Yea, a trooper of the forces who has run his own six horses,

And faith he went the pace and went it blind,”

“And the world was more than kin while he held the ready tin,”

“But to-day the Sergeant’s something less than kind.”

Name:  Nicholas Edward Mackintosh
Rank: Specialist Third Class (E-4)
Serial Number:  919504

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New Morrow Project weapon: Glock 18C


My proposal for the standard sidearm of the Atlantis Project – and an option for the ‘parent’ Morrow project.

The rarest type of Glock pistol, this model has never been available to the general public. Designed – in 1986 – at the request of an Austrian anti-terror unit, this machine pistol-class firearm has a lever-type fire-control selector switch, installed on the left side of the slide, in the rear, serrated portion (selector lever in the bottom position – continuous fire, top setting – single fire). The firearm is typically used with an extended 33-round capacity magazine but can also use the standard Glock 17-round and 19-round magazines (allowing better concealability)
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New Atlantis/Morrow Project weapon: Milkor MGL


This is the Milkor MGL-140, which could be used in a ‘late-date’ Morrow Project.  However – for those who prefer the dates given in 3rd edition – there was also a version produced in 1981 (the MK1 shown in the table below).
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