“Priority 2: Reunite with the bulk of the Morrow Project forces”

Finding and cooperating with other Morrow Project units is the second General Order of the Project.   In Project Lucifer, for instance, there is a Science Team trying to link up with the PC team.   IMHO, This sort of attempt could be an interesting addition to a campaign (and a way to add new players or replace dead characters).   The following is a list of suggested NPC teams.  I’ll try and expand the details in later posts

Group:  Teaching Hospital
Description:  The 43 descendants of a Medical Team that “woke up” 70 years ago.  Their original supplies have run out over the decades, but they still have many pieces of equipment.  They are good chemists and can produce several antibiotics  and anesthetics at a roughly 1950’s level of technology.  They operate a (very small) hospital and train a few Emdees.
Assets: EXCELLENT relations with locals, very good medical facilities
Problems: the teaching hospital is not mobile and cannot link up with the PC team
minimal, a few sidearms and some shotguns
Vehicles: a couple of “motorbike ambulances”
Found by: A Mailman or Emdee will mention that they recognise the TMP logo worn by the PCs – and reminisce about the “Professors”

Group: Engineering Assessment Team.
Description: This team has only been active for a few days and is relieved to find the PC team.   They are a lightly-armed 10-person team with expertise in assessing (and repairing) damaged infrastructure such as roads and bridges.  This team has 3 sections: communications, security and assessment.
Assets: Powerful radios, surveying gear and – above all – the skills of the engineers/constructors.  One of the team is also a paramedic.
Firepower: moderate – but plenty of explosives.  Most personnel have carbines and the security personnel have grenade launchers.  All vehicles have the standard vehicle supplies
Vehicles:  3 HMMMWV pickup trucks, 2 trailers with welding gear, power tools and demolition supplies.  A possible addition is the semi-portable fusion forge specified in the The Starnaman Incident
Problems:  The Team Leader isn’t sure that she should be taking orders from the PCs – but is smart enough to understand that they know more than she does about the post-collapse world.  Eventually there may be conflicts about who should be in charge
Found by: Radio communications.  The two teams can communicate and arrange when and where  to meet up.

Group: Frozen Watch
Description: This “team” consists of 2 survivors from a Frozen Watch bolthole: both are Economics/Commerce Specialists who were expecting to assist a combined Recon/MARS team.  They were awakened 2 years ago when their cryotubes malfunctioned.  Since then, they’ve been looking for other Project personnel – and fighting a Slaver gang.
Assets: A very good reputation with those people who they’ve rescued from Slavers
Firepower: Sidearms and one HK-69 grenade launcher.  Ammunition is very limited
Vehicles: one ATV.  The weapons normally carried have been traded or given away.
Problems: The Slavers are tracking them –  and the constant strain has begun to cause psychological problems.
Found by:  Intervening in a firefight

Group: Specialty Team (Agribusiness)
Description: a 6-person team of experts that can raise a farming industry above subsistence-level.  For farmers, these people are a metaphorical gold mine.  They can advise and educate anyone in such areas as: sustainable agriculture, fertiliser production, beekeeping, fish farming, irrigation and water management.  One of the group is a veterinarian, and other specialties include geology and weather-forecasting.
Firepower: Carbines and pistols.  (this group was paired with a MARS team – but that unit has either not “woken up” or has been lost.)
Vehicles: two “Deuce and a Half” trucks.   each has a trailer with lab kits, computers, educational material and printers.
Problems: This team has very little combat capability or training because they were among the last teams to be frozen (in 2017 if you use 4th edition) and did not complete the “combat skills” training.  The only veteran is the meteorologist (a former field artillery surveyor/meteorological crewmember)
Found by: radio communication