KFS ‘advisory’ troops

More thoughts on how the KFS might evolve and adapt to major threats from the Morrow Project. This might also add a little challenge to the fight against the local Bikers/Badges/New Confederacy/Slavers

Background: From the viewpoint of the Rich 5 and the KFS military, the Morrow Project is training people to oppose the KFS and the existing ‘status quo’ in North America. This approach appears to be both efficient and cheap.

The Rich 5 and the Secret Police (SP) can recognise a good idea when they see one. They will experiment with the idea of training ‘outside’ military and security units in a fight against the Morrow Project.

Specifically, the KFS is trying to establish Combat & Security Advisory Units (CASA Units) to assist potential allies and enlist them in a proxy war against the Morrow Project
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KFS V-300 Recovery Vehicle

V-300 Recovery Vehicle
V-300 Recovery Vehicle


Assigned to support the KFS fleet of APCs , the V-300 Recovery Vehicle is designed to retrieve/tow its APC counterpart and is equipped with a powered A-frame crane..

The Recovery Vehicle is as mobile as the parent vehicle and is fully amphibious with no need for preparation for fording or swimming. The tires are radial tubeless and can be outfitted with run-flat inserts and a central tire inflation system.

It carries one 7.62 machinegun.