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Atlantis Project uniforms

March 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Combat Camo  (rural)

A standard jacket and cargo pants combination, this is frequently worn by Shield Teams – but issued to all units.  This example is shown without headgear or LBE (see below)

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KFS Watchtower

March 10, 2010 4 comments

A platoon-level fortification (a prefab concrete tower)

1. Transceiver Antenna
2. Searchlight (1m diameter, 3000 watts, controllable from inside and outside of tower)
3. Railing (1.2m high, wood or metal pipe)
4. Gutters (rainwater goes to tank in basement)
5. Embrasures (50cm X 80cm, 4 on each side)
6. Air vents/firing slits  (20cm x 20 cm, 2 on each side)
7. Earthen mound
8. Door (1m x 2m, opens from inside only)
9. Stairway (concrete, 1m wide., 25 cm deep, no railing)

Floors (each is approx 6 metres by 6 metres by 2 .5 metres high)

Basement: Storage, showers/toilets , generator, kitchen

Floor 1:  Entrance, ready room, Platoon Sgt room

Floor 2: Enlisted quarters (Squad 1 & 3 bunkroom)

Floor 3:  Enlisted quarters (Squad 2 & 4 bunkroom)

Floor 4: Officer’s room (includes bathroom)

Floor 5 : Operations.  Includes radio room and armory

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More KFS strategy: Takeover via Air Control & Coercion

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The KFS Air Force is a relatively cheap way for the KFS to enforce its will and to make swift reprisals for “Acts of Disrupting Commerce” (their equivalent of an Act of War). Note that the KFS don’t intend to just ‘kill people and break things’ (that removes valuable property and customers). Instead, the aim is to ensure the smmoth flow of commerce, trade and taxation .

So how does it work? Well let me set up a scenario for Air Control & Coercion campaigns.

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