First impressions of the 4th edition

I finally decided to purchase the new edition of The Morrow Project and to be more productive on this site

So how does this differ from 3rd edition?

1. SIZE!  This book is big (hardcover and over 300 pages)

2.  The artwork is prettier.

But let’s look at the game rules

3. Percentage-based? Check.   But there’s a clever way of dealing with criticals

4. Blood points and Structure points. Check. Some slight changes in layout and explanation


5.  TEOTWAWKI occurs in 2017.  A world war is triggered by panic over resources and an incoming asteroid.

6. Bruce Morrow averted the 3rd edition’s 1989 war.  Presumably this could be regarded as something like the ‘Star Trek’ reboot.


7. Most of the changes seem to be in weaponry.  Glock pistols, M16 rifles, HK submachine gun and the Barett 50 calibre “sniper rifle”.  However, there are some new vehicles (electric bikes and variants of the HMMWV)

Character creation

8. Very detailed .  It reminded me of the GDW system or perhaps “Millennium’s End”.  Career paths, college degrees and so on

Other Stuff that’s GONE

The Blue Undead are gone.  The huge list of weaponry carried by every vehicle is gone (PD is encouraged to pick a sensible loadout).  The Science One no longer has an amphibious ATV – and the Airscout now runs on liquid fuel.


The equipment lists include stuff that might have been overlooked (wristwatch in the basic gear, for instance).

The background details are open for customization (size of the Project for instance)

The Encounter Groups have slightly more detail

There is greater detail on the planning


These are very minor and easily fixable.  For example, some of the new Encounter Groups seem unnecessary – but your tastes may differ.

Armour and blunt trauma.  The rules on “blunt” damage are unclear.  For example, the examples on page 91 and 100 for blunt trauma give very different results.  Page 93 gives us yet another complexity!  Flexible armour only protects at half its rated value for blunt trauma?   What?  Why not just list it at half?  Personally, I shall assume that the page 100 example is correct and I’ll ignore that “half protection” sentence on page 93

I have never been convinced that the Project needed 3 types of pistol (in 3 calibres) and now there are 4 more handguns and 2 new calibres: 45LC and 410 shot.

DISCLAIMER: my name appears in the list of “additional authors/contributors”