Bikers (feudal variant)



This market town consists of 74 family dwellings and a Biker Fortification. The town is centered around 5 buildings known collectively as “The Clubhouse”.

This is a post-war complex resembling an 11th Century Motte & Bailey castle (complete with outer ring of earthworks and a moat). Unlike the original design, this fortification includes a stationary steam engine, which is apparently used to power an electric generator.
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Morrow Project Containerisation

There are few industries that don’t use ISO standard containers for shipping goods – or as a basis for storage/accommodation and a number of other purposes.

This item proposes that the Morrow Project uses these containers for its own, unique purposes.

The ISO container comes in a variety of lengths; 20 foot and 40 foot are the most common, but specialist manufacturers can produce these boxes in any size (usually multiples of 5 feet). The boxes can also be made of a variety of materials (non-corrosive would obviously be preferable).

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