NPC Rolodex #4: Hunter

Lieutenant James Patton Kraft of Maxwell’s Millita

James “call me Jim” Kraft is the oldest son of a Maxwell’s Militia  Gun Captain – and will one day inherit the responsibility of running the local community and operating his family’s artillery.   In the meantime, he spends most of his days hunting.   This isn’t laziness.  Hunting has given him some useful skills and taught him a great deal about the area, its people and terrain.  He’s also earned goodwill by donating meat to poor families and leading hunts against dangerous predators.

“Jim” appears most comfortable when talking about his hunts, his guns, his dogs and his hawks.  He’ll talk knowledgeably about the best prey and courteously accept the opinion of other hunters (he prefers jackrabbits, because they’re surprisingly agile and can be hunted  at all times)

Kraft appears to be a simple (but generous) wealthy man  who enjoys nothing more than a day in the field and an evening with his drinking buddies.  Apart from hunting, his only extravagance is a collection of pre-collapse sunglasses.  The local community is fond of him – but hopes he has some good advisors when he inherits. However, readers of Machievelli (or Shakespeare) will be unsurprised to learn that this public image is a carefully constructed mask.  In reality, “Jim” is inventive, charismatic, willful, and energetic; he has received excellent training in military and political skills.

Jim will be fascinated to meet the Morrow Project and will be happy to assist them.  BUT, any attempts to introduce a democratic structure for his community will be gently and subtly subverted.  He has no objections to being elected “mayor” but he is not going to give up the power that he’s been promised since birth

NPC Rolodex #3: Biographer/Scholar

ADAM LAMBERT, MSc of Twin Port University

Explorer,  journalist, or writer?  Twin Port University has given Adam Lambert many titles- but he is  proudest of the term “biographer”.

Lambert is a member of the University’s Geography Department but spends most of his time in the field.    He works for The Twin Port University Journal (a weekly newspaper) and is famous for his reports on the lives of specific individuals.

The citizens of Twin Port are grateful for any information from the “outside world” and biographies are very fashionable.   Adam Lambert has travelled with many individuals and groups.  He has written biographies of Mailmen, Shipmen, Truckers and Wanderers.

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