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NPC Rolodex #3: Biographer/Scholar

ADAM LAMBERT, MSc of Twin Port University

Explorer,  journalist, or writer?  Twin Port University has given Adam Lambert many titles- but he is  proudest of the term “biographer”.

Lambert is a member of the University’s Geography Department but spends most of his time in the field.    He works for The Twin Port University Journal (a weekly newspaper) and is famous for his reports on the lives of specific individuals.

The citizens of Twin Port are grateful for any information from the “outside world” and biographies are very fashionable.   Adam Lambert has travelled with many individuals and groups.  He has written biographies of Mailmen, Shipmen, Truckers and Wanderers.

Naturally, Lambert would be fascinated by any encounter with The Morrow Project.  He would ask to observe the MP team in its day-to-day life.  HIs plan would be to stay for 8 to 10 weeks, then go back to the University and make his reports

Note 1: Lambert carries numerous notebooks, pens and pencils (as might be expected, he is good at sketching and making maps).   He’s aware of photography – but cannot afford a camera. He would pay well for a working, salvaged camera

Note 2: Lambert might be encountered anywhere within 500 kilometres of the great lakes.  He would be on good terms with whoever brought him to the area (Truckers, Wanderers, etcetera)

Age: 40
Sex: Male
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 10
Movement: 3
Endurance: 15
Accuracy: 8
Charisma: 15
Luck: 15
Structure and Blood Points: 220
Blood Type: O-
Hostility and Motivation: 16


Hiking/Camping clothes
Several notebooks
Small binoculars
2 boxes of pencils (40 pencils each)
2 fountain pens & 1 bottle of ink
2 changes of clothes
Gold &  silver coins
Toiletry kit
First Aid Kit


Adam Lambert has a Liberator Pistol but will never show it unless he has to shoot

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