Atlantis Project weaponry: the Butterfly Knife

Atlantis Project planners believed that it would be useful to have weaponry that was easily-concealed and “non-military”.

butterfly knife

The knife is made of stainless steel and has an all-black anodized coating.

Length: 6.25 inches closed (15.9 cm) .  11.125 inches open (28.26 cm)

Low-Key Pack (Atlantis Project): rewriting the Contact Pack and Bug Out Bag


It is often acknowledged that the appearance of the Morrow Project personnel may be intimidating and/or distinctive.  This can be unhelpful if the team wants to be discreet.

A couple of solutions have been developed

In the canon (3rd edition) game, the Contact Pack was introduced via ‘Operation Lucifer’.   In essence, this is a disguise: a way to contact survivors without looking like a group of uniformed and heavily-armed paramilitary troops.  It is intended to be used by one member of the Team.

[NOTE The 4th edition includes the Contact Kit but does not give a lot of detail ]

Similarly, a common (but unofficial)  addition to the game is a “BOB”  or bug-out bag which is intended as an Escape & Evasion emergency kit and includes weapons, communications and survival gear.  This is intended for use by all team members.  An example is shown here

Atlantis Project version:

The Atlantis Project planners liked both of these concepts, but they preferred to simplify the logistics (to save money).  Therefore, they developed the Low-Key Pack.  This can be used for Disguise, Escape/Evasion, or even as a “day pack” for regular operations.


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New Morrow Project weapon: Glock 18C


My proposal for the standard sidearm of the Atlantis Project – and an option for the ‘parent’ Morrow project.

The rarest type of Glock pistol, this model has never been available to the general public. Designed – in 1986 – at the request of an Austrian anti-terror unit, this machine pistol-class firearm has a lever-type fire-control selector switch, installed on the left side of the slide, in the rear, serrated portion (selector lever in the bottom position – continuous fire, top setting – single fire). The firearm is typically used with an extended 33-round capacity magazine but can also use the standard Glock 17-round and 19-round magazines (allowing better concealability)
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New Atlantis/Morrow Project weapon: Milkor MGL


This is the Milkor MGL-140, which could be used in a ‘late-date’ Morrow Project.  However – for those who prefer the dates given in 3rd edition – there was also a version produced in 1981 (the MK1 shown in the table below).
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Atlantis Project Teams

The ‘standard’ Morrow Project has 4 main types of Teams: Recon, Science, MARS and ‘Specialist’ (which is everything else).  The Atlantis Project has the following 3 classifications for its field teams: Network, Shield and Infrastructure Reconstruction.  These names were chosen for their semantic importance

‘Network’ Teams are similar to Recon Teams in that they are tasked with initial contact, survey and assessment (which usually involves interaction with survivor communities).  However, they also have a responsibility to ‘connect’ these communities with the Atlantis Project – and other survivors.

‘Shield’ Teams provide additional security for the Atlantis Project.  They are  similar to the MARS concept: they consist of Rapid Reaction units and are usually air-mobile and/or operate Unmanned Air Vehicles.

‘INFRASTRUCTURE’ Teams are responsible for rebuilding Critical Infrastructure. These teams consist of Engineers, Technologists, Medical Doctors and various Economic/Political/Governance specialists.

Atlantis One


The Atlantis Project did not have as many resources as the main Morrow Project – and could not afford different designs for their equivalent of the Scientific-One and MARS-ONE vehicles.

Therefore, they chose the “Atlantis-One” – based on a prototype design of the Science-One.  However, this Command Vehicle has different “trailer” options; this choice depends on whether it is primarily intended as a scientific, paramilitary, logistics or reconstruction asset.

ALSO NOTE: this vehicle can operate with more than one trailer (up to 4, in fact)

The Atlantis-One vehicle was originally conceived as a diesel/electric hybrid; it was later converted to fusion power.  In AP service, ‘trailer’ units have powered tracks and carry their own batteries (but only the tractor unit has an integral power plant).  Most trailers have auxiliary drive controls which can be used when operating in reverse – or to move the trailer when it is detached for independent service.

CREW: 6 (tractor) – crew of trailer varies
LENGTH: 7.5m (tractor) plus 7.5m (each trailer) : each trailer can accomodate a standard 20 foot ISO container
WIDTH: 4.5m
HEIGHT: 3.6m
TURNING RADIUS: 7.5m (add approximately 2 m for each trailer after the first)
WATER SPEED: N/A (vehicle is not amphibious, but can be sealed and  function underwater at speeds of up to 15kph)

Morrow Project Variations – The Atlantis Project

Morrow Project operations outside North America.

The Atlantis Project was a throw-away mention in the Morrow Project module, “Prime Base” with an implication that it was to be activated 150 years after the fall of civilization.  The reasoning was (apparently) that it would take that long to rebuild the US and allow it to assist the rest of the planet.
My version of the Atlantis Project has a different approach and (like the US version) is intended to start operating in the 3-5 year period – but planned for the possibility of having to wait for up to 75 years.  Therefore there is no overlap with the “canon” game, which is set 150 years after the collapse.  The Morrow Project might find traces of the Atlantis Project (or be contacted by descendants of the original personnel).
The Atlantis Project was set up with a very different philosophy from the parent Morrow Project and is intended to be less hierarchical and more ‘open-source’.
Note: this is not canon. It allows me to set up a Project that is very different