Continental News from NEW-KODI-AM

1. Cody, Wyoming is the site of a “New Presidency” city-state idea that I’m working on
2. Cody’s ‘prestige project’ is the operation of an AM radio station. This uses equipment inherited from the (real world) KODI-AM
3. Ballooners visit Cody each August, as part of the traditional Wild West Balloon Festival

ANNOUNCER: Today we’re privileged to have a distinguished visitor in the studio. I’d like to extend our annual welcome to Captain Jasper Aubin, commander of the Airship ‘Las Vegas’.
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Weapons of the New Confederacy: Semi-Auto Rifle

The NC Model 81 – chambered in 300 Savage

This recoil-operated rifle features a rotating bolt with dual lugs that locks into the rear portion of the barrel. When the gun is fired, the barrel, bolt and bolt-carrier assembly recoils all at once, allowing the bullet to exit the barrel before the mechanism unlocks. During this operation a couple of heavy springs inside a sheetmetal covering surrounding the barrel are compressed.

It’s a very efficient, powerful setup and provides reliable semiauto function. There’s no gas system to worry about, and the piece works well under some pretty adverse conditions with a minimum of maintenance.


The standard miltary model (20 rounds)

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Weapons of the New Confederacy: Semi-Auto Shotgun


Technically, this is a long-recoil operated semi-automatic shotgun. Eight (12 gauge) shells are stored in a tubular magazine under the barrel.

Morrow Project Recon reports indicate

1. This is clearly based on the Browning design (for the Auto-5 and Remington model 11)

2. This gun is popular with the New Confederacy military and paramilitary.

3. It has a range of approximately 45 metres.

Campaign idea: KFS Air Power & PSYOPS


This adventure idea revolves around the players coming up with plans to destroy the mystique of the KFS Air Force.  Shooting down a P-47 isn’t enough; they must publicise this victory and show that the KFS Air Force is not omnipotent.


A major component of the Kentucky Free State’s military strategy is the use of ‘punitive strikes’ performed by the Air Force’s P-47 aircraft – bombing anyone who threatens the KFS  or one of its Agrovilles

The KFS  Air Force needs detailed intelligenceif it is to be effective in punitive strikes.   This information is necessary for 2 purposes: early warning and the identification of schwerpunkts (focal points).   This intelligence also enables the KFS Air Force to avoid ‘collateral damage’ (strikes on uninvolved groups)  – not from any sense of justice – but from a simple desire for efficiency.

The KFS Air Force does not have trained intelligence officers and this means that it relies entirely upon the Secret Police.   These SP operatives  are tasked with monitoring every community within their area of responsibility (both overtly and covertly).  Naturally, these operatives sometimes become corrupt and use their power for personal enrichment.

The SP are also responsible for the KFS PSYOP campaign that the players will have to counter.  This campaign is designed to portray the KFS Air Force as impersonal, overwhelming and awe-inspiring  –  capable of rapidly applying firepower in any location and with extreme precision.

Combat Search & Rescue and Downed-Aircraft Retrieval
As a component of the PSYOP campaign, the Air Force and the SP are very aware of the need to recover any lost personnel or aircraft – or cover-up any losses.  Pilots can be rescued (or sometimes eliminated) by several different methods but aircraft are either destroyed in situ or  retrieved by the KFS Heavy-Lift helicopter .