KFS River Patrol

The “Bullets and Bluegrass” module mentions that the troops of Fort Bundy should have modern means to cross the Ohio River.  But they don’t.

The above picture is one of the River Patrol assets that should be assigned to garrisons like Fort Bundy. It’s a small landing craft, capable of ferrying up to 32 troops, or 1 jeep or 1 pickup truck or approximately 2.5 tons of cargo.

real-world source of picture is Nigeria.  This is one of the units that protect the various pipelines and shipping docks that lie within Niger Delta – and conducts a continuous low-level war with MEND insurgents (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta)

KFS corruption ensures that these vessels are usually found performing services that the Five Families find more profitable than ferrying a platoon of troops.

These little craft are adequate patrol vessels and well-suited for “collecting taxes” (extortion) and ensuring that the Five Families have access to contraband goods.

As can be seen from the picture, they are well-armed (sometimes with up to 3 Heavy machine Guns or HMG/mortar combos) and have a shallow draft (approximately 0.7m when fully-loaded)

Note: this vessel is constructed from wood and (thin) steel.  It has no armour.  Therefore, the crews often pile sandbags around the wheelhouse and weapon stations

Length: 10.3 meters
Beam: 3.6 meters
Hull Type: mono hull
Power: Twin 225 hp
Propulsion: Outboards (30″ shaft)
Fuel/Duration: 200 gallons/5 hours
Top Speed: 42 mph in “light ship” mode.  As slow as 10 mph when fully loaded