This is a “real-world” idea: a 20-foot container that contains everything necessary to set up a 2-acre farm.  With the addition of a few animals (3 or 4 goats, a couple of pigs and 10 chickens) it could feed 10 people a year.  .

The preinstalled modules make the system as plug-and-play as possible.   This includes a photovoltaic system comprising of 10 high-efficiency solar modules, off-grid inverters, a transformer and distribution box and deep-cycle batteries for energy storage. The array is backed up by a 3,000-watt generator. The yellow drum is a water tank

Farm from a Box includes WiFi, irrigation system, solar panels, weather tracking devices, batteries and more. It also contains seedlings, farming equipment and a training program to provide communities with the tools the need to feed themselves.

It’s also equipped with high-efficiency LED lighting, secured storage, a mobile charging area, Wi-Fi and a remote monitoring solution. Also, seeds and farming tools .

Each unit is capable of producing crops for one hectare of land (2.47 acres).  This should be enough to support 10 people.  Although, it would be wise to add a few animals: Something like 3 or 4 goats, a similar number of pigs and 10 or 12 chickens

The farm also comes with a training program that covers ecological farming practices, technology use, maintenance and basic business and entrepreneurship.

Morrow Gift Packages – Package #1: Local Security

The Morrow project has lots of equipment for its personnel but it doesn’t seem to have much for the communities that might be encountered.  This series of articles will describe describe a series of options for “Gift Packages” that might be given to local dignitaries or groups

Package 1:  “Police Duty Gear” .  This is in a nylon bag, and weighs approximately 10kg

Each Bag contains

Flashlight (Mini-Maglite, with 3 batteries, lanyard & spare bulb)
AN/PRC-68 (Morrow Project standard issue)
Multitool (Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool)
Baton/Tonfa (60cm length)
Canteen (stainless steel)
Gloves, leather
Gloves, latex (5 pairs)
Filofax (desk size) – with copy of US Constitution, Field Guides and legal forms
Notepad (pocket sized, 5 units)
Ballpoint Pens and mechanical pencils (6 of each)
Handcuffs, pair (metal)
Hand Sanitizer (1 small bottle)
Package of Toilet Paper
Baseball Cap, blue (marked “Police”)
Vest, reflective

Morrow Project Suitcase Radio Station


Continuing the ‘rebuild civilization’ motif, here is a portable civilian radio station.  In the real-world it’s made by Wanotek Industries in Manitoba and is distributed by Unesco.

It fits in an airplane carry-on suitcase, broadcasts up to a 50 km radius, runs on a car battery and can be modified for solar power. Continue reading “Morrow Project Suitcase Radio Station”

Morrow Project Containerisation

There are few industries that don’t use ISO standard containers for shipping goods – or as a basis for storage/accommodation and a number of other purposes.

This item proposes that the Morrow Project uses these containers for its own, unique purposes.

The ISO container comes in a variety of lengths; 20 foot and 40 foot are the most common, but specialist manufacturers can produce these boxes in any size (usually multiples of 5 feet). The boxes can also be made of a variety of materials (non-corrosive would obviously be preferable).

More details……….

Continue reading “Morrow Project Containerisation”