Powered Parachutes

The Powered Parachute is a very limited method of powered flight.  However, it is a simple, inexpensive and a fairly safe way to fly.  Therefore,  some relatively high-tech groups have been known to experiment with these “vehicles”.  The only complexity is finding enough material to make the parachute – and this is usually the result of a lucky find in an old airfield.

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Low Tech Wanderers: The Beekeepers

Report from Ag Team 597: The significance of “Wanderers” on crop fertility

Background: We had met with local farmers who expressed worry about the late arrival of the nomadic society that they termed “wanderers”. Eventually, we agreed to locate a wanderer family and attempt to persuade them to divert to the AO. This gave an opportunity to interview one of them and establish their importance to the local economy.

“My name is Inigo, from the Riordan family and I am a beekeeper and a Wanderer. I move with the bees – we use my wagon. The bees and I go wherever there is vegetation, wherever rain falls, wherever people are welcoming.”
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High Tech Wanderers: The Silicon Circus

The Silicon Circus is a semi-nomadic group of Wanderers. It consists of circus families, truckers/mechanics, travelling medics, merchants and scholars/teachers. It is famous among the towns and villages of the “Mother Road” (aka Route 66)

The Circus has its winter quarters in Elk City Oklahoma where it is a welcome guest for about 3 months every year. For the rest of the year, the Circus travels up and down the Mother Road; one year it will go West/North (to Chicago), the next year it will aim for Pasadena and the California Coast. It usuallly takes 8 months for the Circus to complete a “half tour” (from Elk City to “the end of the road” and back again)

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