Other aircraft of the KFS – #1: Trainer/Utility

There are a few mentions in ‘Bullets & Bluegrass’ of “other light aircraft” that are used by the Kentucky Free State. It seems logical that not every plane is a P-47 Thunderbolt. For a start… they need a plane to TRAIN pilots.

Therefore, I give you the KFS-170: a beefed-up modification of the Cessna 170. There are 2 versions, a civilian model with 4 seats and a military model with 2 seats in a tandem configuration (as seen below)


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Kaczynski Special – 22nd Century Pistol


Technologically more advanced than the flintlock, this silenced, bolt-action weapon shows the ingenuity (and target market) of Chicago gunsmiths.  The pistol is handmade from salvaged materials. It’s not intended as a hunting or combat weapon. This is a design for close-range homicide.

In this case, the barrel is sized for the 22LR round. Accuracy is poor; but most users consider this an unnecessary worry as the weapon is normally used at point-blank range.

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