Ideas for Local Initiatives

Your RECON team has defeated some local enemies and now wants to help the local people.  What are they going to do?  They have limited gold and  equipment but they have skills and knowledge .  How do they apply these?  What do they buy or build?

The following is a list that might inspire some ideas for the team’s specialists.


Small-scale projects to repair/construct communications systems or infrastructure, including:

Radio stations (including equipment purchase)
• Governmental communications systems (telephones, two-way radios, repeaters, antennas)
Loudspeaker systems
• Landline point to point connections to connect systems


• Pesticide control for crops
• Animal husbandry practices
• Veterinary clinics, supplies, and care of animals
• Seeds for planting
• Fertilizer
• Purchase of initial, parents livestock for herds
• Animal health
• Aquaculture
• Fish farms
• Purchase, construction or repair of farm equipment and tools
• Irrigation wells
• Irrigation ditches
• Canal cleanup
• Water pumps
• Siphon tubes
• Terracing
• Sprinkler irrigation
• Dust suppression
• Central pivot irrigation
• Sub-irrigation
• Agricultural Training Facilities and Demo-Farms

Public Works

• Repairing/constructing bridges, streets, and roads
• Demolition of old buildings/structures
• Rubble removal

Civic Support Vehicles

Projects to build, purchase or lease vehicles for public/government use in support of civic and community activities
• Construction vehicles for public works
• Water and trash trucks
• Ambulances
• Fire trucks
• Boats


• Build, repair, or improve schools and colleges
School supplies, textbooks
• Furniture, desks, mats
• Sports equipment


• Electrical production (solar, hydro, wind, and fossil)
• Distribution of high and low voltage to villages, towns and districts
• Secondary distribution to individual buildings and homes


• Construction/repair of clinics and hospitals
• Training of local Medics
• Transportation for doctors
• Transportation to and from hospitals for patients needing treatment who do not have transportation
• Transportation costs for locals
• Furnishings for clinics and hospitals
• Expendable medical supplies
• Durable and non-expendable equipment for medical facilities

Equipment and supplies for urgent Humanitarian Projects

• Tents, tarps, plastic sheeting, and other temporary construction materials
• Blankets
• Clothes, shoes/boots, winter coats/gloves
• Hygiene and sanitation kits
• Subsistence food items (e.g., rice, bread, flour, tea, cooking oil)
• Stoves
• Coal, charcoal, wood or other locally available fuel for heat and cooking
• Temporary sanitation/ablution facilities

Public Security

• Training and equipping local Police services
• Fencing, berms, and barrier materials to provide stand-off protection
• Lights
• Guard Towers

Construction and Repair of Civic, Cultural and Religious Buildings

• Religious buildings
• Civic/community centers
• Libraries

Hiring/Training a Guard Force to protect the Local Initiatives

Local Initiatives need a secure environment.  This is likely to be more than a small RECON team can supply.  They may hire and train guards to protect these Local Initiatives


Small-scale projects to build, repair, or improve urgently needed district and local routes, including widening, grading, erosion/flood mitigation, protecting
culverts, and establishing/restoring links to primary highways, district centers, markets, health facilities, schools, and government services, including:

• Roads and drainage.
• Bridges, canals, port facilities
• Traffic safety and control measures such as signs, lights, pedestrian crossings, traffic barriers/markers
• Equipment to improve or maintain local transportation networks

Water & Sanitation

• Wells
• Water pumps
• Water treatment facilities
• Production or distribution of potable water
• Establishing trash collection points
• Waste disposal sites
• Sewage treatment
• Retaining walls for flood prevention
• Dumpsters
• Public latrines
• Water testing




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