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The KFS Secret Police Worldview

January 8, 2008 Leave a comment

Introductory lecture to the new class of officer cadets at KFS Secret
Police Uniformed Field Agent Officer Training Course (UFAOTC)

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the beginning of the ‘shakeout’ process. This is where we give you your chance to back out. Most of you are straight out of the university and may not realize quite what you’ve signed up for. So…if you discover that you were wrong in thinking that the Secret Police was your vocation…
well that’s not a problem. It’s not for everyone. It involves heavy burdens – ones that not everyone can handle. We’re glad you found out NOW rather than in the field.

Please feel free to quit at any time. No criticism, no blowback, no penalties. You can leave whenever you wish.”

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Morrow Project: running an Urban Campaign

January 6, 2008 Leave a comment

TMP always seems to be set in the wilderness – or in a village. I’d like to suggest that it could be set in a city.

A few thoughts on how to run such a variant…..

First of all, this is a game about hope contrasting with cynicism. It’s not quite ‘Film Noir’ – but that’s the closest equivalent I can think of.

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