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KFS “Gunfighter Belt”

October 27, 2013 2 comments

This is a widely-distributed item in the KFS military and is worn by aircrew, tank crew and APC crew.

Gunfighter Belt 2

The item consists of

Dual magazine pouch (9mm pistol ammunitionl)
Survival knife and sheath
Multitool and sheath
Waterproof holster and pistol (the KFS copy of the S&W Model 59)

Note 1: most users add another magazine pouch above the holster and use this to carry maps, compasses or additional rations. Packets of caffeinated chewing gum are a popular choice

Note 2: KFS Air Force pilots carry a pocket Survival Kit which includes the following

Personal Locator Beacon
Large Sharpie
Ballpoint Pen
Small first aid kit
Laser Pointer
Small LED Flashight
Wood/flint Firestarter
Lighter (small “zippo” design)
Spare Batteries (For flashlight and laser)
Filter straw
Zip Ties
Duct tape
Signal Mirror

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NPC Rolodex #7: Major Jason Carswell, Squadron Commander, KFS Air Force

October 27, 2013 Leave a comment

Major Carswell Major Carswell is commander of RiverHawk Squadron and might be encountered anywhere within 100 kilometres of the KFS border.  He was forced into a crash-landing after his P-47 experienced engine failure – and now he’s “walking home”.   On his return, he intends to discipline his mechanics and recommend the SERE trainers for commendation.

Personality: Carswell is arrogant and tends to be over-confident.  However, he’s not stupid and has good self-discipline.  (Unlike many in the KFS Air Force, his rank was achieved on merit; it wasn’t just his family connections). Equipment: Flightsuit, 9mm pistol (only 6 rounds left) KFS “gunfighter” belt (contains maps, compass, etcetera)

Notes: Carswell’s only weapons are a pistol and a survival knife.  He won’t resist if faced by superior firepower (and would really appreciate a  good meal).

Uses in the game:  

Ransom: the KFS Air Force issues “blood chits” for its pilots and promises 10,000 credit reward for their return Prisoner Exchange: “Bullets & Blugrass” could run very differently if there’s a negotiation involved Information: If treated well, Carswell will be happy to chat about the KFS Air Force (he WANTS to impress)

EZOCORP – the KFS support service

August 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Background: The KFS military appears to consist of purely combat units; they don’t have any support troops or the equivalent of a Logistics Corps (aka Quartermaster, Transport and Ordnance).   If so, this would be unique in modern military history

Proposal: The Rich 5 has a “non-military” way of supporting the KFS armed forces. They use a commercial/civilian company to do all the non-combat tasks that a military requires. [Real-world examples might be the operations of Dyncorp and KBR]. This enterprise is named EzoCorp.

EzoCorp is owned by the Rich 5 families (equal shares) and receives vast sums of money from the KFS treasury. Much of this money is given to the shareholders, but sometimes it is spent on things that the military wants and needs

The current EzoCorp CEO (Nichole Bentley) is from an Old Two Thousand Family and she has been trying to improve its public profile during the KFS expansion campaigns

“We don’t carry the guns, but we repair them,  we support the logistics supply chain, we fuel base camps, we build roads, we run telecommunications, we provide laundry and entertainment facilities. The whole 9 yards”

But EzoCorp people do carry guns. When the Army has secured an area, the company runs what it calls “Security and Stability” initiatives  to maintain order, recruit/train local security personnel and ensure that the supply convoys are running safely. In short, it operates in a role that would be assigned to the Military Police of most armies.

As one might expect, EzoCorp has a reputation for inefficiency, and corruption.  Also, it is generally regarded as a sleazy operation (even by KFS standards): the company runs brothels and finances Slaver operations to obtain “entertainment personnel”.

Senior and mid-ranking EzoCorp personnel are often veterans of the military or Secret Police (Border  Guards are often recruited).   The company likes to employ ex-officers who have “good connections” but it also finds roles for competent NCOs to manage the activities of low-level employees

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Kentucky Border Guard Service

August 9, 2012 1 comment

The “Bullets and Bluegrass” module mentions that the KFS Secret Police operate armored cars, aircraft and consider themselves “elite” military troops?   Has anyone ever wondered why?   Well, the answer is that one of their subordinate agencies is responsible for patrolling the KFS border (which is approximately 1700 kilometres in length).

The KFS Border Guard Service is a lightly-armed paramilitary/law-enforcement organization

There are 2 administrative units: the  “Northern” and “Southern” Border Guard Regiments (each of about 2500 men) and a River Patrol Force of about 1000.

Each Regiment has 2 Battalions. Each Battalion is divided into the HQ/Support Company and 20 “Patrol Teams”. Each of the Patrol Teams has 25 men, three pickup trucks and one (lightly armoured) command truck. A mobile reserve, equipped with sixteen V-300’s, is based at each Battalion’s HQ. Each Regiment also operates 8 light aircraft (6 fixed wing “utility” and 2 light helicopters)

Other transportation assets includes horses (which are provided for patrolling in difficult terrain) and motorcycles (issued for recon, courier and traffic control duties).

Border Guard Duties

  • interdicting illegal goods entering or leaving the country (the KFS does not allow the export of certain technologies)
  • collecting duties and taxes on imported goods (lots of room for bribery and corruption)
  • liaising with Army and KFS bases (the Border Guards are not equipped to deal with large, well-armed opposition

Border Guard Command Truck

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Dogs in the KFS Military

July 8, 2012 Leave a comment


Despite the Kentucky Free State’s attempts to portray itself as a high-tech nation, it cannot rely entirely on machinery.  It makes extensive use of animals (specifically dogs) for military purposes . Some carry messages, some help in patrolling, some do guard duty, some are trained locate injured personnel , and others are draft animals – tasked with  pulling or carrying supplies.

Dogs Selected

Several types of dogs are used.   Not all dogs selected have to be large or strong – but all must be capable of being trained.   The KFS has been fairly successful in establishing a number of breeds  and the current “Military Dog” is a medium-to-large animal with good natural camouflage and an outstandingly loyal temperament.  However, it is not the only type of dog used and some “Terrier” dogs are considered well-suited for “guard” and “first aid” roles.

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KFS "Quad 50"

July 4, 2011 Leave a comment

The KFS is forced to deal with 3 problems: challenges from the Morrow Project, changes in tactics by its (lower tech) enemies and its own limited manufacturing capabilities.  The “Quad 50” is a new and experimental solution; it uses 4 standard KFS heavy machine guns and mounts them on a lightly armoured trailer (which can be towed by a jeep, or even a team of horses).  This provides devasting firepower.  In fact, it has resulted in a reduced need for Close Air Support from the KFS Air force

The Quad-mount has also been well-received by KFS troops operating from static defensive positions.

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KFS Colony: Sikeston, Missouri

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Agroville #9 is a KFS Colony; it is built on the outskirts of the the semi-ruined town of  Sikeston, Missouri, 30 miles from the KFS border.

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