Naval Armament of the Kentucky Free State

The KFS River Patrol operates a number of Patrol Craft along the Mississippi and other major rivers. These vessels are usually armed with the same types of weaponry issued to the KFS Infantry. However there is one “Riverine” weapon that may be encountered: the 81mm mortar with “piggyback” Heavy Machine Gun.

Kentucky Free State Mortar and HMG

This combination dates back to the Vietnam-era “Brown Water Navy” and was originally developed by the US Coastguard as a triple use system: machine gun, illumination system, and short range naval “gun.” Continue reading “Naval Armament of the Kentucky Free State”




Size: Estimated to be between 20 and 30. Badges usually operate in small teams of up to 6 members.

Activity: the role of “The Badges” is to (allegedly) safeguard travellers and enforce laws along the local road network.
Penalties for breaking traffic and anti-smuggling laws seem to be at the whim of the particular Badge who discovers the infraction – and can range from fine to imprisonment to confiscation (or even death if smugglers are found to be trafficking in certain illegal goods).
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Maunder Minimum – a campaign seed

Project Directors who want scientific explanations for a lack of long-range radio AND a simultaneous ice age should research the “Maunder minimum” – a period during the “Little Ice Age” when there were almost no sunspots. Perhaps there could be a similar period in the time of the canon game?

Why are sunspots important, I hear you ask? Let me explain….
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Wanderers/Townspeople/Farmers Encounter: The Horse Fair

Location: the outskirts of a small town
Date: Last Thursday in October

approximately 1000 people are gathered to buy and sell horses – and provide/enjoy other services and entertainment. There is a maze of stalls and small tents, several horse-drawn caravans and (of course) many, many corrals – containing various horses and other livestock
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