Morrow Base: French Island, Wisconsin

Extract from orientation briefing given to the staff of Morrow Project Reconstruction Base #6, codenamed  “Platinum Slingshot”

“So you’re asking… Why are we at this funny little island ?  Even if it is on the Mississippi?  And very central?  Well let me give you a summary of what is ON this island.

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Everyone wants to safeguard Critical Infrastructure.

It could be interesting if the Morrow Project discovered that someone else had intended to protect the nation’s Crtical infrastructure.  For instance, in the TMP module “Operation Lucifer”, there is mention of a patrol of Maxwell’s Militia stationed in the town of LaCrosse.  [They’ve been stationed there for 150 years and out-of-contact for a century].  LaCrosse was considered important by Maxwell’s Militia.  It would probably be viewed as important by the Morrow Project.

An interesting aspect is that the Militia were sent to both “hold the town” and “maintain the bridge across the Mississippi.” Actually, there are FOUR bridges at LaCrosse.  The Cass Street  Bridge, Cameron Avenue Bridge and a rail bridge go through the town and the fourth carries I-90 north of the city (across French Island).  To be fair, the Cameron Ave bridge was opened after the module was written – but it seems clear the LaCrosse would be vital to transportation infrastructure.  Incidentally, LaCrosse is not just a transportation nexus, it is also an economic, educational and energy hub.  It also has a brewery, a power plant (that can use wood or refuse as fuel) and an airport.