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Morrow Base: French Island, Wisconsin

Extract from orientation briefing given to the staff of Morrow Project Reconstruction Base #6, codenamed  “Platinum Slingshot”

“So you’re asking… Why are we at this funny little island ?  Even if it is on the Mississippi?  And very central?  Well let me give you a summary of what is ON this island.

“Well first of all is Interstate I-90.  There are 2 bridges – east and west. The highway bisects French Island.”

French Island Power Generation Station: Originally a coal-burner, this was converted in the early ’80s into a waste-to-energy plant that burns about 70,000 tons of municipal solid waste from La Crosse and neighboring counties.  It can burn anything – even wood.  And our fusion packs can only go so far.”

“SkipperLiner Marine: This is an 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters for SkipperLiner. They are a builder of luxury yachts and commercial passenger boats. Depending on the season, it employs 125 to 200 people.   We – that is the Morrow Project planners – think that having a riverine build/repair facility at the north end of the Mississippi could be pretty useful.”

“Summit Elementary School.  Nothing says ‘Reconstruction” like a functional elementary school”

“Campbell Town Hall.  The town of Campbell is largely on French Island – and this site is likely to be the site of surviving local authority.  The  Town Hal l –  at 2219 Bainbridge St. –  is home to the police and fire departments, public library and the town maintenance shop.”

“Ace Hardware.  Ever heard of this company?  Well we’re going to need tools in the Reconstruction Effort.  They have a warehouse at 500 Fanta Reed Place which  supplies 400 Ace Hardware retailers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, northern Iowa, North and South Dakota and part of Michigan.  You might speculate that this company is owned by Morrow Industries and that this warehouse has extensive underground facilities- but I couldn’t possibly comment.”

La Crosse Municipal Airport. This is owned by the city of La Crosse.  It’s surprisingly large and can handle even the biggest aircraft.  Even 747’s.  They recently rebuilt their main terminal.  Again, you might speculate on what’s underneath the terminal”

“Airport Industrial Park: 94 acres just west of the airport.”

“Fish Lab:  Now this will be interesting to our agronomists.  It’s real name isn’t “Fish Lab”, it’s  the “U.S. Geological Survey’s Upper Midwest Environmental Services Center”, the federal facility at 2630 Fanta Reed Road has more than 100 scientists and support staff who study river ecology, restoration of degraded habitats, declining species and invasive species.”

“Nelson Park/La Crosse Sailing Club:  The La Crosse Sailing Club is at the north end of the park.  We want  to make use of these sailor’s vessels and talents.  Fishing and ice-fishing would be only part of this.”

“French Island Base – codenamed “Platinum slingshot’ will be home to”

  • Regional Command Team CO-6 (50 personnel)
  • Air Unit HB101 (40 personnel with 4 Twin Huey helicopters)
  • Heavy Science Team DX-77  (A Scientific-1 vehicle plus crew)
  • MARS Team SJ-874 (A platoon of airmobile infantry)
  • Power Generation & Transmission Team NE-2130  (20 personnel: intended to operate the French Island Generating Plant and/or replace with fusion generators.  They would also repair the power transmission infrastucture)
  • Medical team (6 people: General practitioner, surgeon,
    dentist, 2 paramedics/surgical assistants, pharmacist)
  • Logistics & Maintenance Unit (160 personnel who are tasked with operating the base’s warehouse and vehicle maintenance facilities)
  • Landing Craft: LCM-8 and crew
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