Breeder/Slaver weaponry: gas grenades

Small “pocket-sized” grenades… that can be launched from a revolver.

Because sometimes it’s not just the good guys who get the weird stuff.






This is a real-world system that was sold by  Smith & Wesson in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It’s basically a series of small gas/smoke grenades, some blank cartridges  and a “launcher cup:” an adaptor that fits any S&W 38 special or 357 magnum revolver.

The grenades can be thrown by hand .  They are armed by removing the pin and then hitting the manual striker onto any hard surface.  After a 3-second delay, the grenade will burn for 20 to 25 seconds.  During burning, the smoke/agent will issue from the exit ports.  There is no explosion or fragmentation.



It can – of course – also be fired by using the launcher

As you can see, the “cup” is screwed onto the barrel.  After removing the pin,  the grenade is inserted with the manual striker towards the user.
NOTE 1:  The grenade can be removed and the pin can be reinserted.
NOTE 2: Only to be used with the 38 special “launching cartridge”!
NOTE 3: The grenade contents burn at a very high temperature.  Fires can result if used indoors.
NOTE 4: regular ball ammunition can be used while the cup is in place


Grenade Stats

Weight: 125g
Size: 3.49cm x 12.7cm
Effective range (thrown): 20m – MASS 2
Effective range (launcher): 75m
Fuse Delay: 3 seconds
Area of effect: approximately 5 metre radius

Grenades are color-coded

Yellow = Smoke
Red = CN
Blue = CS

These weapons are manufactured by the Breeders, but are frequently employed by Slavers


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