Maxwell's Militia: Battle Rifle

Now indeed thrive the Armourers

Approximately 100 years after Death Day, the armourers of Maxwell’s Militia developed the pinnacle of their technique – the MM Battle Rifle.

The example shown is the “sharpshooter’s” variant – with an antique telescopic sight (Maxwell’s Militia does not manufacture optical sights and has to either trade for them or scavenge in the ruins).
Statistics are as the M21 – but weight is reduced to 4.8kg (empty) and effective range is 600m. The rifle can use the full-size M14/M21 magazines, but MM sharpshooter units usually use 10-round magazines


There seems to be a LOT of conflict in the MP universe and insufficient skilled manpower (example: according to ‘Project Lucifer’ even Krell has mercenaries from Badges, cannibals
and razers). There’s also a chance of discovering caches of old (but high-tech) military weaponry. Some lucky communities may perhaps obtain something slightly more modern than muzzle-loaders from the KFS, the New Confederacy, Maxwell’s Militia, Texas, or even Krell.

The difficulty is obtaining the knowledge of how to use these weapons effectively

If there’s a customer…The market will provide.


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PSYOPS Loudspeaker – AN/LSS-40C

The purpose of PSYOP is to change views and opinions. This means that the target audience has to be communicated with


This unit can be mounted on any ground vehicle vehicle, an Airscout – or even carried as a backpack (weight 10.5kg)

Although small, this unit can broadcast at up to 135 decibels (as loud as a rock concert, or a jet engine takeoff). The message can be clearly heard at distances of up to 1.5 kilometres

So much more impressive than just shouting – or using a bullhorn.

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New Confederacy Economic/Social History

The sharecropping system in the NC has its origin in the ad-hoc, emergency labor agreements that followed the War. It was a simple idea. Farmers and refugees would work together and share the profits (and food) at the end of the harvest. Refugees without expertise, tools, seeds, or work animals would be loaned the necessary equipment and food – and work the land for a percentage of the harvest (under the supervision of the farmer). The farmer would provide the expertise, land and supplies. He would collect a larger percentage of the profit – and a repayment from the refugees.
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New Confederacy Guidebook – Summary

The New Confederacy is a large, widespread political entity in the centre of the North American continent. The total population is approximately 2.3 million.  It has adopted the “creed” of the original Confederacy and – in summary – practices slavery of “non-white” people, a category which includes anyone who is not White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Continue reading “New Confederacy Guidebook – Summary”

Krypteia – New KKK for the New Confederacy

The social/legal structure of the New Confederacy depends upon keeping Displaced Persons (non-white slaves)  “in their place’. [Note that, unlike the original Confederacy, most of the population are slaves – descendants of the original “Displaced Persons”].

Part of the system – and an essential part of ‘aristocratic’ training is the Krypteia – a descendant of the KKK
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