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Morrow Project Containerisation

There are few industries that don’t use ISO standard containers for shipping goods – or as a basis for storage/accommodation and a number of other purposes.

This item proposes that the Morrow Project uses these containers for its own, unique purposes.

The ISO container comes in a variety of lengths; 20 foot and 40 foot are the most common, but specialist manufacturers can produce these boxes in any size (usually multiples of 5 feet). The boxes can also be made of a variety of materials (non-corrosive would obviously be preferable).

More details……….



The above is my concept of a “cache” container, The MP would emplace the box in a concrete lined pit, and add a hydraulic lift (or similar) to raise it above ground level when required. Once the relevant item or items have been removed/replaced, the hydraulic lift returns it to the emplacement, which is then reburied.

The “team-in-a-box” container would be a larger system (probably without the hydraulics). The team and it’s equipment are loaded into the box at a secure facility and the box is transported to the desired location, where it is emplaced. The personnel doing the emplacement need never know what’s in the box and this process can be done in a
matter of hours – enhancing security.

Emplacement methods would vary, dependent on the cover story used.

Examples would include:

Hazardous waste: – traditional, concrete-lined underground facility
Storage: Above-ground (left “as-is” or perhaps partially buried)
Landscaping: (simply buried under soil on some golf course or target
Scrap or awaiting conversion: Hidden in plain sight (there’s a huge surplus of containers in the USA – it’s cheaper to buy new ones in China than ship empty ones back)

If you’re really in a hurry….just drop a box into a convenient lake. Make it buoyant and have ballast attached by electromagnets – which would detach on a set signal. That should fit the concept of a bolthole that’s designed to be abandoned.

So, if you don’t like a mobile base that uses my proposed “component” system… just have a non-mobile one. Have a facility that includes an old road or rail tunnel on it’s property (perhaps an old mine).

After all…why use vast amounts of money and time to excavate an entire Prime Base when you could just roll one into a tunnel that someone’s already built? Especially when it would only take a few minutes to do it.

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