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KFS ‘advisory’ troops

More thoughts on how the KFS might evolve and adapt to major threats from the Morrow Project. This might also add a little challenge to the fight against the local Bikers/Badges/New Confederacy/Slavers

Background: From the viewpoint of the Rich 5 and the KFS military, the Morrow Project is training people to oppose the KFS and the existing ‘status quo’ in North America. This approach appears to be both efficient and cheap.

The Rich 5 and the Secret Police (SP) can recognise a good idea when they see one. They will experiment with the idea of training ‘outside’ military and security units in a fight against the Morrow Project.

Specifically, the KFS is trying to establish Combat & Security Advisory Units (CASA Units) to assist potential allies and enlist them in a proxy war against the Morrow Project

The CASA Unit is primarily intended to assist in “developing the staff capabilities that sustain, synchronize and focus combat operations”.   The KFS knows that there are many communities that can manage Platoon-level or even Company-level operations, however, the KFS CASA cadre can help their hosts form units at the battalion level – which the KFS
believes is the minimum necessary to defeat a well-led MP team.

Team Composition (Total Strength: 21)

Team Leader (Major)
Team Adjutant (Captain)
Team Intelligence/Security Officer (Seconded from SP)
Team Intel Sergeant (Seconded from SP)
Team Intel Specialist (Seconded from SP)
Team Ops Officer (Lt)
Team Ops Sergeant
Team Logistics Officer (Lt)
Team Logistics Sergeant
Team Medical Officer
Team Medical Sergeant
Team Light Wheel Mechanic
Standard Infantry Squad of 7 troops (Personal Security Detachment/Infantry Trainers)

Other notes: All personnel are equipped as standard for the KFS military but every member of the unit (including the Infantry Squad) is allocated a ‘back-up’ concealed weapon: usually the KFS copy of the Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special.

Selection for the Unit is simple. The team members have to demonstrate competence, intelligence, ambition and loyalty to the KFS.
In fact, the KFS military are intrigued by the idea that this could be a good way to reward otherwise excellent personnel that are currently held back because of their lack of social connections.

Vehicle Assets

The Advisor Unit deploys with the following vehicles:
1 Jeep
2 “Deuce-and-a-half” Trucks
2 Motorcycles (125 cc scramble bikes)

Communication Assets

PRC-70 radios: 5
CB radio (handheld): 10

(note: the CB radios will be lent-out to the unit’s hosts)


The Unit is expected to obtain supplies from its host and may change its selection of weapons to accommodate this. HOWEVER there are theoretical arrangements for it to receive minimal resupply by air.
[The P-47 Thunderbolt can deliver a substantial amount of cargo in containers that can be dropped by parachute]


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