Campaign setup: North vs South (Dakota)

This is a “six months later” campaign rather than a “wake-up in the bolthole” campaign

This campaign is non-standard, even heretical

1. Players would be pilots in an AirRecon unit operating armed ultralights such as the The Sadler Piranha

2. Players would be members of NDART – the North Dakota Area Recovery Team . [This is an idea stolen from Kurt Feltenberger’s  “Task Force Vulcan”] . NDART was tasked with reopening the coal mines of North Dakota and refining various fuels and lubricants from the coal.

3. The entire NDART is awake (about 250 people) but they don’t have any details on the rest of the MP – they’re assisting North Dakota and the Ballooners as they declare intentions to rebuild the USA and secede from the New Confederacy

4. The NC has some WW1-equivalent biplanes and some military advisors from the KFS.

5. There are 2 manned MP bases. These are logistics bases and refineries (100 support staff for the 150 field personnel)

6. Because they’re pilots, the players don’t operate with bulky equipment or large personal weapons (cockpits are cramped)

7. This is not in any way a village-level campaign; the “locals” are fairly sophisticated townspeople with 1920’s technology.

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