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KFS Air Force: additional capabilities

The KFS Air Force operates ‘modern’ copies of the P47 Thunderbolt.  These aircraft are usually equipped with 8 wing-mounted Heavy Machine Guns and perhaps a couple of 500-lb bombs.

However, the KFS Air Force can field other weapons and capabilities

1. HVAR (High Velocity Aircraft Rocket)

The KFS HVAR weighs 64-kg (140-lb).  It is 12-cm (5-in) in diameter and carries a 21-kg (46-lb) high-explosive warhead (a 50-50 mix of Amatol and TNT). Top speed is 410 m (1350 ft)/sec with a range of 4570 m (5000 yd).

Standard load-out is for a P47 to carry 3 rockets under each wing.  They are aimed by ‘walking’ HMG tracer fire onto the target

Note: the KFS can manufacture shaped-charge warheads for the HVAR – but these are extremely rare

Rules: Anti-armor rating is B.  Dpw rating is 12,000.  Burst radius is 20 m

2. Recce Pod

The KFS recce pod is unique.  Literally.  There is only one example of this unit within the KFS Air Force.  Assembled from various rebuilt and salvaged components, this device incorporates a multi-spectral sensor capability with several high-resolution capabilities (including FLIR, LADAR and real-time video transmission).


  • Primary Function: Positive identification, automatic tracking and laser designation
  • Length: 94 inches (239 centimeters)
  • Diameter: 11.9 inches (30 centimeters)
  • Weight: 440 pounds (199 kilograms)
  • Sensors: Mid-wave third generation FLIR, dual mode eye-safe, laser designator, CCD-TV, laser spot tracker and laser marker, RDF

If the Morrow Project ever deploys a MARS-One or Science-One vehicle, this recce pod will be released from storage and used to locate the MP vehicle

3. Air Cargo Transport Pods

The KFS does have some air transport capability – but these helicopters are immensely valuable and the Air Force prefers not to risk outside them outside the KFS borders.  Therefore, KFS technicians have developed the Air Cargo Transport (ACT) pods.  These are based on the standard 330-gallon drop tank and are modified to include a parachute (deployed when the pod is dropped)  and up to 125-kg of cargo.   The P-47 can carry up to 2 of these pods

Some ACT pods are intended to carry personnel and include a window and life support.  The pod is just big enough to accommodate a single person lying prone.  This is possibly the most disliked form of transport in history – but it does work.

ACT pods are used by KFS forces for emergency resupply

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