4th edition equipment: “Cellular-network-in-a-box”



The 4th edition timeline gives us new possibilities and it seems a shame to overlook those useful electronic gadgets like the cellphone and the tablet.  Especially when there are some interesting possibilities

This is a real-world device: the  Harris KnightLite™.  According to its manufacturer, it is a “cellular network in a backpack” that provides secure, high-bandwidth networking with absolute confidence under battlefield conditions.”

The website goes on to mention “Designed for dismounted operations, KnightLite provides the benefits of cellular connectivity wherever operators can penetrate. Whether operating stand-alone, multi-node, or connected to backhaul networks, KnightLite provides the bandwidth and connectivity necessary to take advantage of smartphone and tablet mobile apps for battlefield situational awareness. KnightLite increases the safety and effectiveness of warfighters by delivering enhanced situational awareness in the form of up-to-date voice, video, data, and SMS messaging. Enabling operators ac ting as a unit to collaborate using both commercial and specially designed applications. ”

(emphasis added)

This link will take you to the specifications .  The most important details for TMP are its weight (5.4kg with battery) and range: 1km when used in backpack mode.  Judging by Harris’ other products, I would suspect that it could reach about 3km when vehicle-mounted.  Simply placing it in a tall position would probably extend the range even further – perhaps to about 10 or 15km.

The Harris website implies that several (up to 99?) smartphones and tablets can communicate as if  they were linked via a “real” cellphone network.  But note that this unit can only handle 8 simultaneous users.  Naturally, there are larger and more capable systems and – no doubt – the MARS-ONE and Science-ONE vehicles will have something

KFS ‘advisory’ troops

More thoughts on how the KFS might evolve and adapt to major threats from the Morrow Project. This might also add a little challenge to the fight against the local Bikers/Badges/New Confederacy/Slavers

Background: From the viewpoint of the Rich 5 and the KFS military, the Morrow Project is training people to oppose the KFS and the existing ‘status quo’ in North America. This approach appears to be both efficient and cheap.

The Rich 5 and the Secret Police (SP) can recognise a good idea when they see one. They will experiment with the idea of training ‘outside’ military and security units in a fight against the Morrow Project.

Specifically, the KFS is trying to establish Combat & Security Advisory Units (CASA Units) to assist potential allies and enlist them in a proxy war against the Morrow Project
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