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Krypteia – New KKK for the New Confederacy

The social/legal structure of the New Confederacy depends upon keeping Displaced Persons (non-white slaves)  “in their place’. [Note that, unlike the original Confederacy, most of the population are slaves – descendants of the original “Displaced Persons”].

Part of the system – and an essential part of ‘aristocratic’ training is the Krypteia – a descendant of the KKK

Whenever they think it appropriate, New Confederacy magistrates select young men of the Landowner class and send them out to ‘enforce order’. Many regard this as a rite of passage.

These young men are equipped only with silenced pistols and necessary supplies. During the day they scatter and hide. But in the night, they kill every DP they can. Sometimes, if the magistrates are particularly worried about ‘order’ the Krypteia are ordered to go into fields where the Deepees are working and kill whoever seems to be the strongest.

The Krypteia are also used to ‘disappear’ anyone who appears to be a leader or potential leader amongst the DP population. Bodies are rarely found.

  1. Spake
    October 23, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    I really don’t know if this model would work… it would cause the DP populations to be utterly terrified, and cause them to ‘go on strike’ because they would be to scared to work. Such disruptions would be… disastrous. I know you are wanting to make the New Confederacy out to be supremely evil… but there are more rational ways of doing that, as well as keeping the DP population in line. Especially if you take into account the New Confederacy (by your own apocryphal accounts) came about by accident, and not an outright act of malice.

    The organization could keep it’s name, but be composed of leaders that have been drawn from the landowner class and educated in counter-insurgency tactics (by advisers from the KFS if you want to use them). But the majority of the personnel would be drawn from the DP population… collaborators and informers and the like. Drawing it’s operations from the way the Stasi operated in East Germany.

    It would be a completely government ran organization, that uses the fact that human nature being what it is… would be more than willing to sell-out their neighbors, family members (and landowners) who are doing something illegal or would upset the applecart for just a little better food, living conditions or even a chance at citizenship.

    In fact this is how I’ve done it in my campaigns, basing the secret police of the New Confederacy (and KFS) on the East German Stasi and a little on the KGB.

  2. Matt W
    November 8, 2010 at 11:58 am

    I didn’t make up the word “Krypteia”. This is a modernised version of the Spartan’s approach to maintaining the Helots in slavery. They used it for centuries.

    Personally, I think it would be entirely acceptable to to a group that follows the “creed” of the Old Confederacy. All members of the Krypteia are White; all victims are Black, Asian, Hispanic, Jewish etcetera.

    Matt W

  1. August 4, 2012 at 5:55 pm

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