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Twin Port University: M40A1 105mm Recoilless Rifle


Background: Twin Port University needed a weapon that would help preserve its independence from the feudalists of Maxwell’s Militia.

They needed a heavy weapon – something easy to manufacture that might work against the M60 tanks of the Militia. Such a weapon is the M40 Recoilless Rifle.

see this link for real-world info on the M40

Description: the M40 is a long tube with a 0.50 cal spotting rifle above. On the left hand side, there is an elevating wheel, in the centre of which is the trigger wheel used to fine adjust the elevation and at the same time firing the spotting rifle when pulled, and the gun when pushed. The mounting is a tripod, but the front leg has a castoring wheel. On top of the mount is a traverse wheel. On the centre of the traverse wheel is a locking wheel, when the wheel is down, the rifle is locked in traverse, and can only be moved right and left with the traverse wheel. When the wheel is raised, the rifle can be traversed by hand.

The ammunition for the 0.50 cal spotting rifle is not .50 BMG. The round is designed to simulate the flight path of the 105 mm ammunition; it fires special spotter-tracer ammunition enabling accurate laying of the RCL to ensure first round hit on enemy tank/target.

Ammunition for the 105 mm rifle is issued in complete fixed cartridges. The term “fixed” means that the projectile and the cartridge case are crimped together. This insures correct alignment of the projectile and the cartridge case. It also permits faster loading because the projectile and the cartridge case are loaded as one unit. The rear end of the cartridge case is made of frangible material that is completely destroyed when fired. The projectiles used are pre-engraved, that is, the rotating bands are cut to engage the rifled bore.

Note: this weapon is not very portable and, when not emplaced in a fortified position, is usually mounted on some type of vehicle like a jeep, truck, or even in a multiple configuration on one of the University’s tank destroyers

Game statistics

Length: 340cm long from breech to barrel tip and
Weight: 115.6kg, 209.5kg in firing order.
Cal: 105mm (note: this weapon was designated 106mm to avoid confusion with other 105mm weapons)
Min Range: 3m
Max Range: 7.7km
Effective Range: 2.75km

There are 3 types of ammunition available for the M40 (all details taken from Joseph Benedotto’s site)

105mm M344AI HEAT

  • WT. 16.887 kg
  • MIN. RANGE 50m
  • EFF. RANGE 1100m
  • MAX. RANGE 7700m
  • E-FACTOR 1100
  • Dpw 2925

105mm M346A I HESH

  • WT. 17.237 kg
  • MIN. RANGE 50m
  • EFF. RANGE 1100m
  • MAX. RANGE 7700m
  • E-FACTOR 1000
  • Dpw 8069

Although an effective round, the HEP round must hit exposed armor plate to inflict damage. Hitting spaced armor, or hitting objects on the hull (racks, cargo, etc.) will detonate the round without causing any internal damage.

105mm XM581 APERS (Antipersonnel)

  • WT. 18.597 kg
  • MIN. RANGE 3m
  • EFF. RANGE 3300m
  • MAX. RANGE 3300m
  • E-FACTOR 6 per flechette (1dl00 hits)
  • BURST RADIUS 400xl30m cone
  • FUSE DELAY adjustable by distance
  • MIN. RANGE 11m

This is a “beehive” round, packed with flechettes (giant needles). Targets caught within the blast radius of the round must roll for 1d100 hits (use the whole body damage tables for the death %). The APR round is accurate out to over 3 kilometers and can literally shred personnel in the open.

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