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This is the spotter rifle for the Twin Port University recoilless rifle. It is a semi-automatic weapon with a 20-round detachable magazine. Note that this rifle fires a round that is slightly smaller than the one used by the Browning HMG. The bullet is shorter, lighter and has a lower muzzle velocity

Cartridge, Caliber .50, Ball, Spotter-Tracer, M48A1/ M48A2
Caliber: 12.7 x 77 mm
Weapon Used In: M8C Spotting Rifle
Weight Complete: 0.107 kg
Length Complete: 114.81 mm
Packaging: 10 rounds per cardboard box
Packaging Weight: 1.070 kg
NOTE: The projectile contains a tracer element and an incendiary filler. On impact, the incendiary filler produces a puff of white smoke which aids in adjusting fire. The tracer element burns out at 1500 m. The spotter-tracer round is designed so that its trajectory closely matches the trajectory of the M40 recoilless rifle service munitions.

Game stats for the M8C:

Length: 114 cm
WT empty: 11.072kg
WT loaded: 13.989kg
cal: 12.7x77mm
Muzzle Vel: 1732 fps
eff rng: 1500m
max rng: 3100m
type of fire: semiautomatic
ROF: (SS) 40 Rpm
feed device: 20 round box magazine
Feed device wt: 2.917kg
E-Factor: 18

Additional Comments: although normally used in conjunction with the M40 Recoilless rifle, a variant of this weapon is sometimes employed by TPU as a heavy sniper rifle.


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