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Twin Port University: Outpost

All along the watchtower


Location: 5 miles north of Duluth, Minnesota

The photo is of a Twin Port University watchtower – one of the twelve that guard its frontiers

It is not expected to stand against a determined assault – especially against regional powers (such as Maxwell’s Militia and the Inquisitors). Its job is to provide an overwatch and act as a communications facility. The watchtowers help to “win hearts and minds” in the local communities by warning of trouble, providing medical care and operating a radio-telegram service.

The watchtower garrison is a standard formation in the University’s forces. It consists of 33 personnel: (30 troops – organised into 3 watches – plus one officer, one senior NCO and a medical specialist)

Each watch provides the following: 1 watch leader, 2 radio operators, 4 lookouts and a 3-man heavy weapons crew.


Most personnel carry the TPU “assault rifle” – this is basically a bullpup version of the Simonov SKS.

The CO, the medical specialist and every radio operator carry a revolver (in .38 special)

The Heavy Weapons section operates the watchtowers “artillery”: three 105mm recoilless rifles

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