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Powered Parachutes

The Powered Parachute is a very limited method of powered flight.  However, it is a simple, inexpensive and a fairly safe way to fly.  Therefore,  some relatively high-tech groups have been known to experiment with these “vehicles”.  The only complexity is finding enough material to make the parachute – and this is usually the result of a lucky find in an old airfield.

The Powered Parachute is only used in good weather and when there is very little wind (usually just after dawn, or before dusk). It has a maximum speed of about 40 kph and limited ability to reach altitude.  A daring pilot might take it up to a few hundred metres, but most prefer to be little more than 10 metres off the ground.

The Silicon Circus operates one of these.  Their version cannot carry much weight (about 40kg or 90lb) and is operated by one of their trapeze artists

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