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KFS Colony: Sikeston, Missouri

Agroville #9 is a KFS Colony; it is built on the outskirts of the the semi-ruined town of  Sikeston, Missouri, 30 miles from the KFS border.


South-Eastern Missouri (the so-called ‘Bootheel’) and a sizeable chunk of Arkansas are potentially highly productive farmland –
but used to be swampland. Before Death Day, the US Army Corps of Engineers spent a lot of resources maintaining huge drainage channels and pumping stations to keep this area from reverting to swamp.

Naturally, the ACE efforts did not survive long after TEOTWAWKI.  Therefore a new geographical feature developed on the southwest borders of the KFS: the New Mississippi Swamp (or perhaps it would be better call it an old feature)

Here’s a description of the KFS/Townspeople situation at Sikeston, MO

Sikeston is located at the junction of the old rail line and Highway 60. Both are still above the swamp and can be used by light trucks

Agroville #9 is located on the Northern edge of the New Mississippi Swamp. It is sited next to the partially ruined town  Sikeston, MO, and what was once the Steward Steel Inc fabrication plant.

Sikeston’s steel plant escaped most of the damage of Death Day and was a major asset – allowing the town to be a trading partner with the Rich 5 for nearly 140 years. Thanks to its Veteran’s Park, the town also had access to an M60 tank and a 105mm howitzer, which allowed it to fend off almost every threat.  Life was tolerable; technology stabilised at about the level of late-19th century and there was enough food. However, 10 years ago Sikeston (and most of the Swamp) suffered an epidemic of Yellow Fever, this allowed colonists from the KFS to move in.

People in Sikeston realise that they’ve been annexed by the KFS, but can’t really do much about it. Nearly forty percent of their population died in the epidemic (including most of their skilled workers).

Colonists from Agroville #9 work in the Steel plant and provide a nearby market for Sikeston’s farmers. For a price, the KFS also provides Yellow Fever vaccine.


1. As stated, Sikeston no longer operates the Steel Plant, but it does produce food (in fact access to the KFS market has improved).

2. The high cost of Yellow Fever vaccine means that many Sikeston citizens owe huge amounts to the KFS and some have become indentured servants in order to pay for their family’s medical treatment. Local slang calls this situation a “body

3. Agroville #9 doesn’t pay in gold or silver. It settles debts with KFS Credits (paper money) or by transferring funds within the records of the Agroville Bank (a pair of desktop computers and hundreds of paper ledgers). The Rich 5 don’t see
any reason to transfer gold/silver out to a swamp or to charge reasonable rates on loans (35% is a common payday loan figure).  On the bright side, the Agroville Bank is scrupulously honest about customer finances and even pays 5% interest on deposits.

4. Sikeston used to stamp its own (steel) coins and these are still in circulation

5. Transportation is provided by a clan of Gypsy Truckers but the Agroville does have its own trucks.  It is an open secret that the Agroville Governor sells used vehicles and spare parts to these Truckers.

6. The Agroville processes the local food (largely rice) and produces various byproducts – including a powerful rice liquor.

7. Agroville #9 is often host to Rich 5 tourist/hunters who visit during Duck season. There have been numerous accidents involving shotguns and rice liquor.

8. Trade Rifles aren’t very popular in or near the Swamp and the Agroville usually sells shotguns instead

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