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Encounter Group: Morrow Descendants

Assumed Background: Given the time period of 150 years, it seems likely that some MP Teams would have woken up before any Player Character units and that these teams (and the descendants of those teams) would have a lasting influence on local communities.

Name: Morrow Descendants
Geographic Location: anywhere

H&M Average: 12
H&M Range: 4-14
Number Found: 10-100
Tech Level: C-B
Power/Resources: any power source except Fusion. Farming and probably mining
Weapons: copies of modern firearms (with modifications such as wooden stocks rather than plastic). A few heavier weapons (eg Grandfather’s Armbrust)
Special Attributes: Family tradition/knowledge of the Morrow Project,some MP technology. Possible extremes in historical views of Prime Base or nearest Regional Base(ranging from “Holy Grail” to
“Incompetent Betrayers’)
Description: Descendants of one (or more) MP Teams. Cultural
Development would be influenced by the specific type of Team.

Example: “Morrow Industries Main Street Fuel & Agricultural Supplies”

First Impressions: clearly built up around an old truck stop or gas
station, this community appears to be a market/service centre for the surrounding agricultural communities. A large sign offers the following for sale:

“Methanol, Alcohol, Biodiesel, Fertilizer, Soap, Disnfectant, Drugs, Ammunition” with additional signs that offer
services: “Medical Training, Vet, Dentist, Farming Consultative Services.”

Other signs show warnings: “Danger:- Flammable/Explosive. No firearms permitted in this area”)

History: a combined science/agriculture team came out of cryosleep 60 years ago. After unsuccessfully attempting to link up with any other teams, the team decided to rebuild by creating its own economic niche – as a manufacturer of fuel, fertilizer and other chemicals and a supplier of medical/veterinary services. A sizeable village has grown up around the team HQ – an old gas station. The population includes over 50 people who can claim MP personnel as ancestors and they provide the bulk of the workforce at Morrow Industries.

Attitude to PCs : Many of the older people would be interested in meeting people who knew their parents – but a complexity is that many may also insist that they have an right to give orders to a Recon Team. They genuinely believe themselves to be a Morrow Project Science/Agriculture Specialty Team – legally appointed to the position by their parents and grandparents.

[And who’s to say that they’re wrong?]

RECON REPORT: Morrow Descendants

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