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Other aircraft of the KFS – #3: Heavy Lift Helicopter

The KFS is not totally without innovation. One H-37 airframe has been modified as a “Flying Crane”: the KFS-60 (based on the Sikorsky S-60)


This machine incorporates the pod-mounted piston engines and dynamic components of the earlier H-37. The KFS-60’s fuselage is extremely simple, consisting of a central ‘backbone’ which supports the podded engines, main and tail rotor systems, and a nose-mounted crew cabin. The copilot can swivel his seat to face both fore and aft, and control it from either position.

The skeletal nature of the helicopter allows it to carry vehicles and other out-sized loads via a sling-hoist. Another capability is the transport of customizable, underslung ‘modules’. Various experiments have been made with several different designs. Modules have been constructed to carry 60 fully-equipped troops, a luxurious VIP lounge, a C3I Command Post, a medical outpost, a radar structure, etcetera.

The maximum payload of the KFS-60 is 5443kg – enough to allow the retrieval of a crashed P-47 Thunderbolt.

All other characteristics are the same as the H-37

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