Morrow Project Scientific Sensor Kit

HAAM Suit Scientific Payload (HSSK)
total mass 68kg
AC: 100
Height 1m
Width 1.2m

This is based on the sensors for a MARS probe that was built by Morrow Industries on behalf of NASA. The unit vaguely resembles a large, metallic, load-bearing vest with an integral backpack. The ‘backpack’ contains an extensible (hydraulically powered), telescopic mast, on which are mounted stereoscopic cameras. This mast can retract into it’s armored housing, or extend as far as 2 metres – raising the cameras to a potential height of 4 metres

The HSSP is interfaced with the HAAM suit’s power supply and communications system. Like the suit it can be remote-controlled.. It is not self-powered – but can operate with any Morrow Project power supply and is sometimes issued to Recon Vehicles.
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Morrow Project caches: School-in-a-box

When you’re rebuilding a civil society, guns aren’t always the most effective tools. This kit is designed for 2 classes of 40 children and is based on the Unicef version. It is about 80 x 55 x 65 cm (32 x 22 x 26 in) and weighs 52 kgs (115 lbs).

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Maxwell’s Militia: ‘Tank Lords and Gun Captains’

Background: The TM1-1 entry for Maxwell’s Militia states that this culture is based on some form of feudalism. They have a few functional M60 tanks and heavy guns.

Now….a feudal system has several defining characteristics but, for
the moment, I’m going to talk about only two.

1. A powerful and hereditary military elite – such as the Knights of Medieval Europe or the Samurai of (fairly recent) Japan.

2. Ties of PERSONAL loyalty. Individual loyalty to another individual, not a loyalty to institutions like “The State”, “The Party” or even “The Clan”.

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Maxwell's Militia: 'The Overlord of Kalkassa'

Game Background: the Maxwell’s Militia unit in “Operation Lucifer” lost contact with the ‘Overlord of Kalkassa’ over 100 years ago.

I’ve taken an arbitrary decision of this being a reference to Kalkaska, Michigan (the people in post-collapse Wisconsin can’t even remember the original names of their OWN towns – so just changing one consonant in a Michigan town doesn’t seem unreasonable). I’m also deciding that the reason for loss of contact was the collapse of the I-75 bridge after 50 years without maintenance

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Bikers (feudal variant)



This market town consists of 74 family dwellings and a Biker Fortification. The town is centered around 5 buildings known collectively as “The Clubhouse”.

This is a post-war complex resembling an 11th Century Motte & Bailey castle (complete with outer ring of earthworks and a moat). Unlike the original design, this fortification includes a stationary steam engine, which is apparently used to power an electric generator.
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Morrow Project Containerisation

There are few industries that don’t use ISO standard containers for shipping goods – or as a basis for storage/accommodation and a number of other purposes.

This item proposes that the Morrow Project uses these containers for its own, unique purposes.

The ISO container comes in a variety of lengths; 20 foot and 40 foot are the most common, but specialist manufacturers can produce these boxes in any size (usually multiples of 5 feet). The boxes can also be made of a variety of materials (non-corrosive would obviously be preferable).

More details……….

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