Riverton, post-Liberation

The “Liberation at Riverton” module is a very simple black/white set-up: evil Imps are oppressing passive peasants (and have been doing this for 150 years). I suspect that this is due to the time it was written: its style would be interchangeable with a ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ scenario – evil orcs beating up human peasants. It can be a hack-and-slash session, and, if you want to run it like this, then that’s fine. However, there are alternatives…

The Oil Patch

It’s an open secret that “Camp Riverton” is the real-world Camp Grayling.  So let’s use the interesting terrain around Grayling


According to Google Earth, there are 3 oil fields to the south west of Grayling (those little white dots are “nodding donkey” pumpjacks).  As you can see from the satellite photos, there are literally dozens of opportunities for obtaining oil – the basic requirement for rebuilding an industrial nation.  This is why the Riverton garrison has remained in place for 150 years: they have family and/or slaves working on the few remaining pumpjacks.

The oil is sold to the “Overlord of Kalkassa”, a few kilometers to the West.   He won’t be  happy if the supply is interrupted.

Riverton, the little village of semi-slaves, may have been “liberated” but there are 3 more work-camps that have to be dealt with.  Some may be happy to work with the Morrow Project.  Some may be very unhappy that the Project has slaughtered their menfolk  [Were there survivors?].  In any event, firepower will not be the best solution; the Morrow Project could use those oilfields and the skills of the oil workers.

The Open Road

The Imps weren’t usually greedy about the traders who came into their territory .  In fact, the traders appreciated that there were few bandits in and around the Riverton area.  What will happen after the Imps have been eliminated?  The Morrow Project just doesn’t have the manpower to patrol the roads.

An old-fashioned Land Grab

The Overlord may decide that the “oil patch” deserves his protection (especially if he’s invited in by the terrified survivors of Camp Riverton).


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