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The HMMWV 1025

Fourth edition adds a few vehicles to the “later date” Morrow Project and there are now 2 variants of the HMMWV in the MP motor pool.  This post will cover some details of the M1025 Armament Carrier, and provide a suggested load plan.





The Player Characters should be aware of this vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses.

1.  Good off-road capability
2. Basic armour protection (enough to protect against rifles and shrapnel)
3. Good payload
4. Familiarity.  This is basically a big pick-up truck

1.  This thing is heavy!  For example, just the doors weigh 600 lb (250kg).   EACH.
2.  It’s not swift (the real-world vehicle can manage 0 – 30mph in 9.4 seconds)
3. The gunner is extremely vulnerable
4. Seats are notoriously uncomfortable

M1025 in the Morrow Project

This vehicle is most commonly used by Recon teams and a pair of vehicles is usually issued to 6-person teams.  One vehicle will be armed with the Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher and the other has the M2HB machine gun.


A spare wheel is carried on the sloping section at the rear and a winch is mounted on the front bumper

The HMG-carrier is almost identical.  Replace 40mm ammunition with 50-cal and replace the Utility Pack with the Camping Kit (details of this are in the 4th edition rulebook).

All of this detail is probably unnecessary for anyone who’s spent time with the US military, but I hope it might be useful for everybody else





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  1. September 16, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    M1025 is an un-armored weapons carrier without winch. ….. The M1114 is the armored weapons carrier with air conditioning!

    The Kevlar fiberglass body of the M1025 is theoretically capable of deflecting Ak-47 fire if the round strikes at an angle and has already travelled some distance. In practical terms this means not at all.

    M1026 is the same, except that one has the winch.

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