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Low-Key Pack (Atlantis Project): rewriting the Contact Pack and Bug Out Bag


It is often acknowledged that the appearance of the Morrow Project personnel may be intimidating and/or distinctive.  This can be unhelpful if the team wants to be discreet.

A couple of solutions have been developed

In the canon (3rd edition) game, the Contact Pack was introduced via ‘Operation Lucifer’.   In essence, this is a disguise: a way to contact survivors without looking like a group of uniformed and heavily-armed paramilitary troops.  It is intended to be used by one member of the Team.

[NOTE The 4th edition includes the Contact Kit but does not give a lot of detail ]

Similarly, a common (but unofficial)  addition to the game is a “BOB”  or bug-out bag which is intended as an Escape & Evasion emergency kit and includes weapons, communications and survival gear.  This is intended for use by all team members.  An example is shown here

Atlantis Project version:

The Atlantis Project planners liked both of these concepts, but they preferred to simplify the logistics (to save money).  Therefore, they developed the Low-Key Pack.  This can be used for Disguise, Escape/Evasion, or even as a “day pack” for regular operations.



Personnel are encouraged to select their own “hiking” clothes (after all, the intention is to avoid a uniform) but the Planners recommend a light vest or jacket – this gives the opportunity to conceal a holster.

Equipment Carried:

Top pocket: kevlar gloves, sunglasses (folding, metal frames), bandanna , monocular, signal mirror, whistle, compass + lanyard

Outer Pocket (upper): First Aid kit and Bribery/Entertainment Kit

First Aid Kit

1 EFA – First Aid Instructions 1 Burn Aid Package
16 Bandage Strips, 1”x3” 1 Tape, Roll, Adhesive
5 Butterfly Strips 1 EMT Shears
1 Elastic Bandage, 4” 1 Pair of Stainless Steel Tweezers
6 Sterile Sponges, 4”x4” 2 Ammonia Inhalants
1 Blood Stopper Kit
60 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
1 Abdominal Pad, 5”x9” 6 Safety Pins
1 Triangular Bandage 1 Pair Latex Examination Gloves
4 Pain Relievers

Bribery & Entertainment Kit

Iphone with solar power case.  (Includes games, music, books, etc).
Gold jewellery ( several 10K gold chains, about 10g of gold in total).
mouth organ.
3 full sets of acoustic guitar strings.

note: personnel are encouraged to customise this kit



Outer Pocket (lower):  map of area and utility gear, in organizer


left side:
– Lifeforce 80 lumen flashlight
– Bits for Leatherman Wave
– “Write in the rain” pen
– Bic pen
– Paracord (black: 4 metres)
– Emergency poncho
– microfiber cloth
– crazy glue
– AA battery, CR123A Battery

Right Side
– Leatherman Wave multitool
– Sharpie
– Bic lighter
– chapstick/lip balm
– WD-40 pen
– Paracord (tan: 2 metres)
– Velcro tie roll
– Notepad

Middle Pocket:   FRS/GMRS radio walkie-talkie (eg the Motorola EM1000) with shoulder strap, emergency bivvy sack (in stuff pouch), ‘hobo’ stove (made from drinks can).  stainless steel water bottle (1/2 litre),  2 rain ponchos (1 green, 1 “distress orange”), 2 rain pants (1 green, 1 orange), 2 lifeboat food bars, aluminium mess tin and spork,  water filter straw .

Inner Pocket:  clothes: socks, thermal underwear, polypro hiking pants (convertible to shorts)  and “hoodie” vest (or equivalent)

Weapons: (can be worn concealed under vest or jacket) knife/bayonet, or butterfly knife and sidearm.

note: the weapons would be the ones already issued to the PC.

  1. mark Keller
    May 14, 2013 at 12:55 am

    Nice but weapons would be carried open. Possible non-military weapons but still weapons.

  2. Fred Haskell
    May 22, 2013 at 6:45 pm


    The only thing is that at least per canon the Atlantis Project was not to come online for a 100 years or so after the Morrow Project supposedly had the Us and Canada et al so of up and running. My point is there would be no reason at that later stage to be covert. I alwasy thought of them as being more “open.” 100 years after the bang there is no being mistaken for terrorists or mercenaries. No one would have seen organized forces for awhile. But recon still might be covert and it is cool nervertheless.

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