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NPC Rolodex #5: The Countess of the Night


In politics – and business – it’s useful to have a reputation that everyone knows.   And EVERYONE knows of The Countess.
Ask any Salvager  and they’ll tell you that she’s a powerful, immortal vampire who controls the ruins of the City.  Legends tell of her arrival, over 100 years ago.

The reality is not occult; but perhaps more impressive.  The Countess is one of the Children of the Night but she has no claim to aristocracy.  In fact, she is elected by a democracy and her job is to be the Childrens’ diplomat and “face”

There are about 500 of the  Children.   Their ancestors first began living in the ruins about a century ago and they have always welcomed their fellow mutants .  They have come to terms with the fact that the “normals” could kill them all – unless scared away.  Therefore, the Children have set up a facade that would have delighted fans of the old Hammer Horror movies. They only meet with traders/salvagers at night and in buildings that are ‘tuned’ – with creaky doors, spider webs and a gothic decor.   They elect a new “Countess” every 6 years and ensure that each woman is adept at maintaining the Vampire image.

The current Countess is Isabelle Lopez, an intelligent young woman who wants to do the best for her community.   She regrets that this sometimes means the death of intruders, but she accepts that the facade must be maintained.  She would be intrigued by any contact with the Morrow Project – but would worry about their lack of superstition.

Encountering the Countess

The Countess (and the Children) can be used in a number of scenarios

1.  Please kill the monsters!  The team is asked to deal with the Vampire problem
2. Find the X.   The team needs to get into the City and retrieve X (one of their caches, a library, a dud warhead, etcetera)
3.  Save Y.  The Children have abducted Y.  The team is asked to retrieve him/her

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