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Chidren of the Night: a variant


The “Children of the Night” are mutant humans.  Their major mutation is the development of an ability to sense weak electric fields (a similar capability is possessed by sharks and some mutated species of bats).   These sensors can be seen on the forehead and face of a Child.  This ability allows them to hunt in total darkness and even “see” through walls – it is very difficult to hide from a Child of the Night.  Unfortunately, this same sensitivity makes it difficult for them to associate with groups of people or animals; the Children describe it as  “surrounded by noise”.   Therefore, they prefer isolated locations.  They are also more comfortable  at night and dislike any technology that involves electrical power (especially radio/radar).  Obviously, they seriously dislike thunderstorms .

Rumours and legends about the Children assign Vampire-like capabilities and weaknesses to these mutants.  However, these are not entirely accurate.

  1. Bloodsuckers:  Partially true.  The Children can digest ‘normal’ food but often suffer from iron-deficiency and have periodic cravings for meat and blood
  2. Sunlight: Untrue.  They are not overly sensitive to sunlight – but prefer to operate at night when there is less electric “noise”
  3. Mind reading:  Partially true. Some Children can interpret the electric field from a human brain and identify emotions
  4. Protective magic: Untrue.  They have no objection to garlic or holy symbols and churches are only uncomfortable if the congregation is present.
  5. Fangs:  Untrue.  A Child’s teeth are not unusually-sized
  6. Strength: Untrue.  They have the same strength as “normal” humans

The Children are sometimes found in ruined cities and will make arrangements with Salvagers.  The Children can often sense the presence of metal (even if it is buried underneath rubble) and are willing to trade scrap for food.

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