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Riverine Wanderers: The Junker Armada

The Junker Armada is a small clan (approx 30 people) of Wanderers.  They provide 2 main services: entertainment and the repair of small steam engines.

The Junkers are famous for their understanding of steam technology and are welcome in many communities that rely on the TLE or TLD steam engine.  Given time and resources, the Junkers can fabricate new engines or convert “junk” diesel engines to run on steam.  They travel up and down the Big River [whichever is appropriate to your campaign] and operate 4 rafts.  This is a seasonal trek and they spend summer in the North and Winter in the south.  They rebuild their craft every winter and use anything they can find as raw materials.

The rafts are not only works of art, they are also protective — and include numerous hiding places and concealed weapons.  They are driven by fairly sophisticated steam engines and use propellers rather than paddles.  Unfortunately, these engines have limited power and sails are frequently used to improve speed.

However, it’s not all work on the Junker Armada; they also provide entertainment in the form of a travelling theatre.  The plays and entertainments vary from Shakespeare to works based on KFS radio soap operas (the Armada has a radio receiver and a small capacity to generate electricity)

Name: Wanderers (Junker Armada)
H&M Average: 10
H&M range: 4 – 18
Number found: 20-30
Tech Level E – D
Power/Resources: small steam engines
Weapons: some shotguns, steam jets, edged weapons
Special attributes: expert steam engine technicians, on good terms with many communities
Description (see above)

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