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The Rockwell Family – Gypsy Truckers

This is a family group of Gypsy Truckers. Like the original Romany, they have a specific niche in the local economy and society.

104 family members (48 adults). The largest ethnic group is Caucasian (approximately 50%) closely followed by Hispanic and Romany.

Robert Rockwell was a Romany Gypsy as well as a master mechanic. He owned a Ford Dealership and gas station.   When civilization collapsed, he soon recognized that a return to his heritage would enable the survival of his family and his employees

Over the years, the Rockwells became almost nomadic. The clan is still based at the original location but some members travel for most of the year.  These Gypsy Truckers only return to “the dealership” in Winter (when maintenance is carried out on all the family’s vehicles).


The Rockwell clan has a “Chief” (a courtesy term) who deals with routine matters.  Anything of importance requires a Council meeting

All adults (18+) can vote to select members of the council – who serve until voluntary retirement or the loss of a “vote of confidence” (2/3 of adults require them to retire)


Chief & Council Head: Donna Sophia Rockwell
Chief Mechanic: Dominic Santiago
Trader: Anderson Rockwell
Advisor: “Doctor” Angela Fisher (an emdee – who’s been with the family for 10 years)


1 x Semi-Trailer rig (Mack Truck)
2 x tow trucks
2 x mobile workshops (based on Ford Econoline vans)
9 x Pickup Trucks Ford F350 (9) – various camper shells, trailers etcetera
2 x School Buses
2 x RVs (bus size)
3 small RVs (Ford Econoline)

Fuel Supply

All vehicles are diesel-powered and can run on a number of fuels. The usual choice is made at the dealership from a mix of ethanol, vegetable oil and animal fats.  The family does have a problem with producing lubricants and they like to trade with Oilers for heavier oils

All adults have pistols – usually revolvers in 38 special caliber (from the armory of a police station salvaged by the family)
All vehicles carry a double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun and at least one other hunting weapon (varying from 22LR rifles to deer rifles)
The Mack Truck is the family’s major asset and carries additional weaponry: 2 M16 rifles and an antique BAR. It is always “escorted” by at least 2 pickup trucks
Note: although the family can repair weaponry they have a very limited reloading capability and often have problems with ammunition supply


CB radios are carried by the Mack Truck, the tow trucks and the mobile workshops. There are 6 other handsets which are assigned as necessary
Economic Role:

1. The family has a large number of technically skilled people. They make a living by maintaining, repairing, salvaging and re-selling old equipment and technology.
2. At harvest time, the Rockwells provide an additional agricultural workforce and transport produce to markets – they are also customers (buying food and animals)
3. During the other seasons, the Rockwells travel between markets. They provide transportation for emdees, postmen, badges and entertainers.

Social Role

1. The Rockwells provide an information link between various communities.
2. They are a “safety valve” for these communities. Rebellious and/or curious people can join the Rockwells rather than cause problems to their societies.
3. Scapegoats – if there are unexplained problems or crimes they can be blamed on “the gypsies”

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