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EZOCORP – the KFS support service

Background: The KFS military appears to consist of purely combat units; they don’t have any support troops or the equivalent of a Logistics Corps (aka Quartermaster, Transport and Ordnance).   If so, this would be unique in modern military history

Proposal: The Rich 5 has a “non-military” way of supporting the KFS armed forces. They use a commercial/civilian company to do all the non-combat tasks that a military requires. [Real-world examples might be the operations of Dyncorp and KBR]. This enterprise is named EzoCorp.

EzoCorp is owned by the Rich 5 families (equal shares) and receives vast sums of money from the KFS treasury. Much of this money is given to the shareholders, but sometimes it is spent on things that the military wants and needs

The current EzoCorp CEO (Nichole Bentley) is from an Old Two Thousand Family and she has been trying to improve its public profile during the KFS expansion campaigns

“We don’t carry the guns, but we repair them,  we support the logistics supply chain, we fuel base camps, we build roads, we run telecommunications, we provide laundry and entertainment facilities. The whole 9 yards”

But EzoCorp people do carry guns. When the Army has secured an area, the company runs what it calls “Security and Stability” initiatives  to maintain order, recruit/train local security personnel and ensure that the supply convoys are running safely. In short, it operates in a role that would be assigned to the Military Police of most armies.

As one might expect, EzoCorp has a reputation for inefficiency, and corruption.  Also, it is generally regarded as a sleazy operation (even by KFS standards): the company runs brothels and finances Slaver operations to obtain “entertainment personnel”.

Senior and mid-ranking EzoCorp personnel are often veterans of the military or Secret Police (Border  Guards are often recruited).   The company likes to employ ex-officers who have “good connections” but it also finds roles for competent NCOs to manage the activities of low-level employees

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