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Kentucky Border Guard Service

The “Bullets and Bluegrass” module mentions that the KFS Secret Police operate armored cars, aircraft and consider themselves “elite” military troops?   Has anyone ever wondered why?   Well, the answer is that one of their subordinate agencies is responsible for patrolling the KFS border (which is approximately 1700 kilometres in length).

The KFS Border Guard Service is a lightly-armed paramilitary/law-enforcement organization

There are 2 administrative units: the  “Northern” and “Southern” Border Guard Regiments (each of about 2500 men) and a River Patrol Force of about 1000.

Each Regiment has 2 Battalions. Each Battalion is divided into the HQ/Support Company and 20 “Patrol Teams”. Each of the Patrol Teams has 25 men, three pickup trucks and one (lightly armoured) command truck. A mobile reserve, equipped with sixteen V-300’s, is based at each Battalion’s HQ. Each Regiment also operates 8 light aircraft (6 fixed wing “utility” and 2 light helicopters)

Other transportation assets includes horses (which are provided for patrolling in difficult terrain) and motorcycles (issued for recon, courier and traffic control duties).

Border Guard Duties

  • interdicting illegal goods entering or leaving the country (the KFS does not allow the export of certain technologies)
  • collecting duties and taxes on imported goods (lots of room for bribery and corruption)
  • liaising with Army and KFS bases (the Border Guards are not equipped to deal with large, well-armed opposition

Border Guard Command Truck

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